A Non-Designers Guide to Making Graphics for Events

Written by Catherine Reed

When most people think of graphic design and digital image editing their minds immediately go to the big guns in the industry like Gimp, Inscape, and Photoshop. While these programs are all excellent tools, they can be a bit overwhelming for beginners, and may even offer more power than you need for creating powerful graphics for an event.

Luckily, there is a range of other tools that are ideal for non-designers who still want to take a hands-on approach to creating graphics for their events. Here are some of the most user-friendly (and generally free) non-designer graphic design tools available today.


The Canva design application has been a favorite of graphic design newbies for some time due to its easy to learn interface, robust tool set, and high-quality results. Users can choose from millions of stock photographs, vectors, and illustrations or you can easily upload your own images to a one of a kind graphic. Simply choose your pictures, layout, icons, and fonts, and design your image using friendly drag-and-drop features.

You can use Canva through any compatible web browser, or iPad and iPhone users can download the app for creating designs while on the go. The simplest version of the Canva software is free to use, though there are pay levels if you want to access additional features.


The infographic has become a trend in online images, but creating one without any design expertise can feel like a challenge. PiktoChart offers an easy way for anyone to create these stunning visuals. You start by selecting one of the more than 600 professionally designed templates, edit the fonts and colors, select icons or images, and add your own data. The site even gives you access to built-in social media sharing options as well as access to the HTML code for embedding into your event’s website.

Like Canva, the basic account is available at no cost to you, allowing you to get started without a financial investment. If you decide you would like access to more features, then monthly plans are available as well.


If photo editing is something you need to create strong event graphics, then PicMonkey offers a substantial amount of power in a user-friendly format. Certain basic photo editing features can be accessed at no cost, but more advanced capabilities do require a membership. You can try out everything PicMonkey has to offer through their Free Trial program and take advantage of the web-based tools or the mobile app for photo editing while you are on the go.

For those looking for an extra hand, PicMonkey has a robust set of tutorials. This makes it easy for non-designers to familiarize themselves with the tool and techniques, allowing them to create professional-level final products. You can also access social media templates to help make your graphic ready for posting on popular sites like Facebook and Twitter, which is ideal for social media advertising campaigns.


Another site focused on creating graphics for social media application is Pablo. You can access the basic editor online for free, choose a size based on popular social media site parameters like those used by Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as a size designed specifically for email marketing. You can choose from a variety of pictures, add text, upload your logo, and share or download the results.


If you’re more interested in creating vector graphic for your event images, then Vectr has you covered. You can use the software through your browser or choose to download it to your computer for offline access. A range of tutorials is provided, making it easy for beginners to get started.

The benefit of vector graphics over raster graphics is that they remain crisp and clear even when you scale up the design. The basic account is always free, allowing you to try out the base features without a financial commitment. If you decide you want to try something more advanced, then you can change to a pro account at any time.

The solutions listed above are some of the strongest image editors available today, and they have all been created with non-designers in mind. Since using the majority of these services is free, or at least starts with a free trial, you can give them a try without having to purchase a thing upfront. So, why not take your event graphics to the next level? Give a few of these a try. You’re sure to find a favorite that will meet your needs.

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