About the TECHbar & Presentations

Target Audience/Level/Market Segments Served:

The sessions will be beneficial and applicable to all professionals; no matter what industry or market you are in, we are able to customize our TECHbar and sessions for all. The level of comfort with tablets and apps can be from beginner to intermediate; even advanced professionals will leave with something new!

Learning Approach:

Our approach depends on the audience, the length of time we have, and the format and design of your meeting. We encourage interactive, hands-on sessions where attendees will be given apps and ways of use they can experiment first hand. We emphasize interaction between the attendees, peer-to-peer, where they will have a chance to share which apps they individually use, and expand their ‘take-away’ list of apps even more. All attendees will be sent a full list of resources to share with their team after the conference.

Pre-requisites for Presentations

The set-up of these sessions is very simple and open. It would be preferable if they were in a comfortable setting, literally as a lounge seating area. All we need:

  1. WIFI Access: Need to make sure that is stellar! Especially since we are encouraging everyone to come with their own tablets, so that it’s truly an interactive hands-on session for all to benefit.
  2. Large Monitor or Screen:  If we can have access to a plasma screen with a VGA adapter connection, we can project an iPad or laptop on the screen

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