The next phase of event tech education has begun.  The new Meeting Pool is your guide through all things technology-related in the industry.  We follow the news for you.  We work closely with event professionals and marketers to help bring tech to some of the world’s top shows.  And, we get to know your participants and how they use tech at our TECHbars.  It’s a unique perspective ideally suited for a unique segment in technology, all from the vantage point of tech ground zero — San Francisco.

Meeting professionals are amazingly enthusiastic early adopters who love to know “what’s next” and bring it to their participants.  They serve legions of professional attendees who are committed lifelong learners, eager to adopt new tech.  The Meeting Pool team feels privileged to contribute to the advancement and education of all.  We help you ditch the “death-by-PowerPoint sessions,” clunky business apps, outdated methodologies and outmoded tools.  We’re a “safe space” to explore, learn, discuss, share and review new tech tools and devices that are ideal to make every event — from 2 to 200,000 — more efficient, more engaging, more productive and 21st-century powerful.

So jump right in!  Explore, linger, read and react.  Get comfortable with the next generation of meeting technology.

Happy tech exploring!