The Meeting Pool is run by a diverse group of women with various expertise in the event technology industry.

Tara Thomas Co-FounderTara Thomas – Co-Founder

Tara Thomas is the co-founder of The Meeting Pool. She is an adept and agile marketing professional with more than 15 years’ experience leading teams in the full spectrum of marketing strategy and execution.

Tess Vismale, CMPTess Vismale, CMP, DES – Social Media Educator/

Tess Vismale is a Certified Meeting Professional, Digital Event Strategist, on the Board of Directors of GMIC Atlanta, member of Skål International, stage manager for TEDxPeachtree, “Meetings Trendsetter 2014” & awarded the GaMPI Shining Star Award. A native Chicagoan by way of Atlanta, she holds a BA from Spelman College enjoys social media, creative visionary thinking, tennis & watching mixed martial arts (MMA).

Kaylynne Hatch - Editor/Marketing ManagerKaylynne Hatch – Marketing Manager/Editor

Kaylynne Hatch is a social media expert and online marketing manager. With a Bachelor of Science in Communications and New Media from the University of Utah and a background in graphic design and entrepreneurship. She has been working in the events and travel industry since 2013.

Elizabeth Randall - Marketing Coordinator/Editorial AssistantElizabeth Randall – Marketing Coordinator / Editorial Assistant

Elizabeth Randall is a recent graduate from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She holds a Bachelors of Arts in Communication as well as a Bachelors of Arts in Art History. Her passions lie specifically in the fields of entertainment media and sports media.

Kelli Townsend - CreativeKelli Townsend – Creative

Kelli Townsend is a graphic and web designer based out of Los Angeles. She taught herself HTML and CSS by the age of 12, and has been building and designing websites ever since. With a Bachelor of Art degree from the University of Pittsburgh, and a background in studio arts, design, and art history, Kelli has a huge passion for creating.