Capture Leads with Ease at Your Next Event with These Top Tools

Capture Leads with Ease at Your Next Event with These Top Tools | Image via Diego González on Flickr
Written by Catherine Reed

Events, conferences, and trade shows often have two things in common: a fast-paced atmosphere and the potential to generate leads. And while that first thing can make the occasion fun, exciting, and memorable, it is that second point that really brings the value many attendees and participants are counting on.

But finding mechanisms to ensure that all potential leads are properly managed isn’t easy. Busy booths resort to traditional fishbowls to collect business cards while others attempt to hand-jam contact information into their database on site. And, by time the event is over, they might not know one name from the next, let alone which leads are more qualified than the remainder.

Luckily, technology has brought a round of tools, mostly in app format, that are designed to make the lead capture process more efficient and effective. If you aren’t sure which is right for you, here are some top contenders in the event, conference, and trade show lead capture market.

Quick Tap Survey

Lead Tools for Events | Quick Tap Survey LogoWhile not specifically designed for lead capture, Quick Tap Survey has been making its rounds through events across the country. The app is compatible with Apple and Android tablets and allows users to create surveys to gather data of any kind. By why has this survey system won favor over many others? Because it still works even when you are offline. And that, as anyone who has been to an event with spotty Wi-Fi can attest, sometimes is the biggest saving grace imaginable.

Aside from the offline capabilities, Quick Tap Survey allows users to create reports based on the results in real time. Additionally, there are four pricing plans available to meet the needs of more participants with ease.


Event Lead Tools | iCapture LogoAnother survey app with offline capabilities is iCapture. It offers users the ability to do more than just collect information; you can use the system to adjust the looks and feel of a survey to match with your company’s branding and even send received data straight to email services like Constant Contact and Mailchimp for marketing efforts.

Additionally, iCapture comes with apps designed for most major device types including Android, iOS, Windows, and others. However, it is important to note that with increased function often comes higher out of pocket costs. So, just make sure you need the additional features before investing.


Event Lead Tools | CamCard LogoIf you are looking for a basic solution for loading business cards with ease, then CamCard might be all you need. All you have to do is use the camera on your mobile device to snap a quick picture of the card, and the app extracts the relevant data. You can then add simple notes and set reminders for follow-up activities.

In comparison to other solutions, this one may be a bit on the simple side. But, if basic contact data capture is your primary goal, then why not stick with a solution like this.


Event Lead Tools | Zuant LogoAnother option with customizable questionnaires and offline capabilities is Zuant. But this system also brings some more advanced features into the mix. For example, badge scanning is included with the options of connecting directly to major registration company services such as Compusystems and Experient. It can also be integrated with your own internal resources through services like Eloqua or Salesforce.

Some other fun options include the ability to act on hot leads with immediate follow-up or park leads during busy periods. If you plan on hosting a giveaway in exchange for contact information, Zuant can also randomly pick a winner for you, saving you an additional step to make that happen. However, it is limited to iOS devices at this time, so everyone else is out of luck.


Event Lead Capture Tools | Akkroo LogoPriding itself as an enterprise-level solution, Akkroo provides a customizable survey platform with business card and badge scanning functions for a single, multifaceted solution. Sales and marketing content can be integrated directly into the app, allowing sales teams to operate straight from within the solution. There are also automated email features available as well as real-time analytics and feedback.

Multiple plans are available depending on the level of service required. For example, the standard plan limits capture to 1,000 records per month, making the second tier a necessity to access unlimited capture capabilities.

How to Choose a Solution

Which solution is right for you depends on the size of the event, conference, or trade show as well as the amount of detail you would like to capture from potential leads. Some may find a simple solution like CamCard gathers all of the data they require while others may prefer a more robust solution like the others on the list.

Before choosing a solution, thorough review your current requirements as well as any pending developments that may be on the way. And, once you have those details in mind, you can choose a high-quality solution that will meet your needs today and well into the future.

Featured Image credit: Diego González © 2007

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