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Content Curation Tools for EventProfs: 2017 Edition

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Written by Catherine Reed

Social media is still a dominant force in the consumer tech space, leading to more information being created on a daily basis than may have ever been seen before. But separating the content you want from the rest of the noise can be a challenge for dedicated events professionals. Luckily, content curation tools have come to the rescue.

What are Content Curation Tools?

These systems sort through the various social media feeds that you associated with the solution, allowing the items you want to see to be separated from those that aren’t of interest. Content curation tools bring everything together based on your preferences and then allow you to interact with, organize, and display the pertinent details.

If you want to learn more about how these technologies can help you, here are some of the most popular and robust options available today.

A content curator and content marketing platform, Curata helps you find the best content based on your preferences. The self-learning engine adapts to your preferences, improving its outputs as it becomes familiar with what you like. You can also organize the content your receive as well as publish and promote your own content from anywhere that provides an internet connection, including through mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

On the content marketing side, Curata also provides access to analytics as well as methods for simplifying your content production process. You can see which pieces of content are performing well on specific platforms, helping you to understand your audience and what gets their attention.

Feedly provides a method for organizing content brought in from a variety of web publications, blogs, social feeds, as well as private business content, creating a single space for managing all of the information you need in your day.

The content aggregation system is also compatible with some of today’s favorite collaboration and communication solutions as well as note taking and information management resources. You can quickly share feeds with friends and colleagues, send Slack and Trello updates to your team, and save information in Evernote or OneNote 365.

For content curation, Storify gives you the ability to create stories no matter where you are or which device you are on while also curating content based on your preferences. The system connects with most popular social networks and gives you options for creating real-time updates in your stories, a feature that isn’t included in offerings from all of the other content curation systems.

Storify focuses on providing options for collecting a range of media and showing them as a larger story. Another unique feature is the ability to add custom sources as well as the possibility of using in-house media APIs.

If you regularly find content you would like to review but don’t have the time to look it over right away, then Pocket has your covered. You can save articles, posts, videos, images, and almost anything else you find online.

Pocket connects directly to your browser, email, or compatible apps, allowing you to save anything you find interesting without having to open a separate piece of software. Then, when you are ready to take a look, you can access the information on your smartphone, tablet, or through a web browser.

Trap.It offers an opportunity to organize your social media content while the integrated AI works to find news, trends, and other information that your staff will want to share and customers will want to read. It also lets you engage event attendees at every level of the pre-conference journey, helping to keep every excited about the event and encouraging them to spread the word to their networks.

Detailed reporting features keep you up to speed regarding employee and customer activity, helping to show how social media activities are translating into higher attendance levels and providing insights to keep your approach as effective as possible.

The content curation tools listed above only scratch the surface of what is available today, and additional tools are likely in development right now. With the right options in place, you can elevate your event experiences by reaching as many potential attendees as possible and supplying valuable information that is sure to keep them buzzing.

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