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Eco Etiquette: 5 Basic Ground Rules for your Eco-Friendly Journey

Written by Leah Layzell

Written by Tess Vismale, CMP.

Before embarking on the do’s and don’ts of eco-friendly living, let’s focus on the delivery versus the message.  It is apparent that we all wish to protect the environment while living healthier, safer lives but not at the cost of appearing judgmental, opinionated or critical of others. Practically speaking, we all acknowledge that by using reusable shopping bags we reduce the amount of plastic buried in landfills.  However, the reality of doing so is sometimes very different. So as we begin this eco-friendly journey, let’s start with these basic ground rules…

Image from Nicholas Raymond.

Image from Nicholas Raymond.

1. Lead by example! It is one thing to preach “eco-friendly living.”  It is another thing to live it.  Often a more significant impression is left on those who observe you making adjustments in your own day to day activities to live an eco-friendly lifestyle.

2. Take a subtle approach to sharing your message. While you may have a real passion for “Going Green,” an overbearing message typically falls on deaf ears.

3. Use topic starters to begin your dialogue. Starting conversations with best opportunities for   saving money is generally a great way to get one’s attention followed by lowering environmental impact.

4. Share factual literature, data and information versus your opinion. Besides appearing more credible, one is more likely to take the guidance of CDC versus you or me.

5. Share eco-friendly products.  Seize opportunities to share your favorite eco-friendly water bottle or trendy reusable shopping bag by giving them as gifts. Often, it is not until one has tried and tested an eco-friendly product that they are sold on making the switch.

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle takes some adjusting, but should be done with the overall intent of reducing the amount of raw materials used while also reducing pollution and emissions in the environment. As you become more passionate about living an eco-friendly lifestyle, remember Eco Etiquette is your guide to making this transition with style…and “there’s an APP for that!!”


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Tess VismaleTess Vismale, CMP, Event Executioner

Tess Vismale is a multifaceted professional who serves as the Cleveland L. Dennard Conference Center Manager at Atlanta Technical College and Senior Event Lead at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. She is a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) and member/contributor of the Association of Conference Collegiate Event Directors International, Black & Latino Council and Professional Convention Management Association. She is a board member of the Green Meeting Industry Council – Atlanta Chapter (GMIC), Co-Chair of the Curriculum Committee for Meeting Professionals International – Georgia Chapter (GaMPI), founding member of the T.J. Perkerson Elementary School Foundation and served as a board member of Hospitality Industry Professionals of Atlanta (HIP-Atlanta).

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