Top 10 Types of Event Goers

So which one are you?

We all love events because of the people we meet, right? And with all the events that we attend, we play different ‘roles’ at different events. Take a look at this great infographic that our wonderful friends at Bizzabo put together, and let us know which ‘type’ of event goer you represent!


10 Types of Event Goers

10 Types of People You Meet at Conferences





















































































































































































































About Bizzabo

Bizzabo, the leading mobile networking app for conferences, has been hard at work evaluating their findings to bring you the following infographic guide detailing “The 10 types of People You Meet at Conferences.” Pulling data from over 3,000 conferences, which used its platform to mobilize and socialize their events, the team has seen it all. Every type, ranging from the social media addict whose brain is lost somewhere in the #twittersphere to the logo-happy sponsor, has been given the spotlight with careful accuracy.

[Source:  Bizzabo]