January 2017 News Roundup

Event Technology News Roundup
Written by Kaylynne Hatch

Just a month into Q1 for 2017 and while a lot is happening politically, there’s not too much news just yet from the event space (with a few exceptions). Instead, there seems to be an overall feeling of revving up and preparation for new things and potential shifts. In any case, there are many indicators that suggest an interesting year to come.

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The new year met us with the 50th anniversary of CES where EventMarketer highlighted some new innovations on the show room floor with a two part series.If you missed the huge consumer electronics showcase, be sure to check out CES 2017 Part One: Six Steal-Worthy Ideas from the Show Floor and CES 2017 Part Two: Six More Steal-worthy Ideas.

While EventMarketer was checking out event tech trends in action, editor of SkiftX, Greg Oates was interviewing Gary Shapiro, CEO of the Consumer Technology Association (the producer of CES) about the future of tech. It’s a part of Skift’s Megatrends Reshaping Business Events in 2017 – Meetings Innovation Report

Cramer's 2017 Event Technology Landscape Infographic

Cramer’s 2017 Event Technology Landscape Infographic

The start of the year is a great time to take a quick look around and see what the overall market looks like so we don’t miss trends that might attempt to pass us by. Cramer’s Event Technology Landscape for 2017 is a fantastic tool to help you get an idea of who the current major players are, while Event Industry News makes sure to remind us that there are always new startups entering the industry.

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