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Looking to Add Employees? Here are the Event Planning Job Boards You Need to Check Out

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Written by Catherine Reed

At some point, every event professional could use an extra set of hands on deck. Whether you need someone to create digital marketing materials, help you set up on site, or organize attendee information, getting the right person for the job is critical.

While many businesses resort to traditional classifieds or national job boards to find candidates, these often are the most efficient approaches. Instead of going to the default option, why not use an online job board that caters to the event industry or specializes in the skill area you need to be covered? If that sounds like a better choice to you, here are a few you should check out the next time you need to bring a new permanent or contract employee on board.

Meeting Professionals International is the largest event-oriented association on the planet today, and their job board is a great place to connect with top talent in the field. You have the option to post an opening and wait for responses from interested candidates or search for available professionals who’ve listed their resume. This gives you the ability to handle the process using your preferred method while allowing you to accelerate your search when time is of the essence.

Another job board associated with an event planning association is the one offered through the Professional Convention Management Association. This is another way to connect with professionals who are either already working in the industry or interested in doing so.

A more traditional job board is offered through Event Marketer, an industry publication. This site allows professionals to find potential employees located through North America. You have the option of placing an ad to search for interested candidates or obtaining a set of resumes to review without a job posting. Either approach does require a fee, but it is worth exploring when you’re in need of a new employee.

If you’re looking for permanent or temporary help from a professional working in the meeting space, Meeting Jobs is a great option. The job board is extensive, and the site offers additional resources to help event professionals connect with the workers they need to succeed.

When you need a marketing professional, consider turning to the AMA website and job board. Like most association sites, you’ll reach your target audience with greater ease. And you don’t have to be a member to take advantage of everything the job board has to offer, making it a great option for event professionals looking for a marketer.

For short-term needs, hiring a freelancer can make a lot of sense. Upwork provides a portal for professionals and businesses to connect with freelance workers in a wide variety of fields. This global job board can be an excellent option for activities ranging from web design services to writing to marketing. You can post jobs to the board and wait for applicants to find you, search for candidates directly and ask them to apply, or a combination of the two. The platform can even help you locate the right workers for your job, making it easier to hit the ground running.

For work at the event, TaskRabbit should be one of your first stops. You can get assistance for simple tasks like cleaning and set up with relative ease, and freelancers that specialize in events may be available as well. You have the options to Quick Assign a job, giving TaskRabbit the ability to choose the right person for you, saving you time when you need help fast.

As you can see, there are multiple options when it comes to finding employees for short- or long-term work. Industry-specific job boards can give you access to top talent that specializes in the particular area while freelancer sites give you quick access to the skills you need. In the end, finding the right person may only be a few clicks away, so it’s definitely worth exploring these options.

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