Make the Most of Smartphone Culture with a Branded Charging Station

Written by Catherine Reed

More and more attendees have become reliant on their smartphones for a variety of activities. Not only do these devices help them stay connected with work, friends, and family while they are out of town, but they also provide them access to the conference or tradeshow app, an often critical resource for information.

But few eventgoers carry a portable charger with them while they are roaming through the event space, sitting in sessions or listening to keynote speakers. And many smartphones don’t come with removable batteries, so bringing a spare along isn’t really an option either for the majority. That means many of your attendees will end up faced with a dreaded dead battery at some point during the event, and that gives you a unique opportunity in the form of a branded charging station.

What is a Branded Charging Station?

Most people are familiar with the concept of a charging station. These devices provide people with a source for charging their smartphones and other mobile devices, often featuring multiple lockable compartments that can keep their electronics safe while the owner proceeds with their day (though open bay options are also available).

A branded charging station is the same as what is described above, but it comes with an opportunity to market companies and connect with users. For example, some of the charging stations kiosks can be wrapped with various marketing material, providing unique opportunities to you, the event’s sponsors, or even trade show vendors.

Often, additional branded materials can be added to the charging stations touchscreen, the standard interface the user must interact with, giving you a chance to share information and highlight various businesses using ad content while they charge their devices. Some of the touchscreens can even provide data collection and audience measurement opportunities, allowing you to gain valuable insight into what your attendees think of the event.

Why Use a Branded Charging Station?

As mentioned before, smartphone culture has proliferated within the event space. Your attendees are almost guaranteed to be carrying mobile devices, so their need for a charge is practically a guarantee.

Without a charging station, eventgoers will either have to resort to huddling around available wall power outlets (if there are any) or go without their device. Both of those options aren’t great for your event, as they can leave attendees frustrated and those negative feelings may affect how they perceive the conference or trade show in its entirety.

Providing a charging station gives your attendees a safe place to charge their smartphones, allowing them to keep up with all of their activities and access the event app with ease. This will be seen as a valuable service, and it demonstrates that you understand the needs of those who have gone out of their way to be onsite.

Plus, it allows you to market specific aspects of the event and share critical information with a captive audience. If you provide a charging station with lockable storage, you have the attendee’s attention while they set up their device to charge. And, if you choose open bays, you maintain a captive audience for the duration of their charging time.

The ability to market to attendees in such a way is a great method for drawing additional attention to the event’s sponsors or other vendors. You can even use these options to help offset the cost of securing a charging station, giving you the ability to allow your attendees to charge their devices for free.

Where to Get a Branded Charging Station

There are multiple companies that offer brandable charging stations, often giving you the option to buy the device or rent it for the duration of the event.

Here are two of the top branded charging station companies available today.

offers secure smartphone charging options the optimize power consumption while maintaining the device owner’s privacy at all times. The devices can be used to display a variety of graphics and video content, perfect for a combination of still images, slideshows, and commercials.

The platform provides data reporting, and the interface can be used to engage with event attendees, allowing you to gain valuable insights about their experience and collect various forms of data.

Multiple cable types are provided, ensuring the vast majority of your eventgoers will have access to the one they need for their devices.

You have the option of renting, leasing or purchasing the charging station, giving you additional flexibility.

GoCharge offers both secured and open bay charging options, allowing you to make the right selection based on the nature of your event. The devices can be rented, leased, or purchased, so you can use the approach that is right for you.

The systems that feature the Canvass platform provide you with a variety of engagement opportunities. Along with traditional ads, you can also have interactive surveys (to help with data collection), mobile coupons, sweepstakes, and even instant win opportunities. This can create a sense of fun surrounding your charging station and may encourage more people to stop by.

For outdoor festivities, a solar-based system is available, allowing people to charge their devices no matter where your event is taking place. They also have charging tables, giving your attendees a place to relax and possibly grab a snack or drink while they wait for their devices to power up. A variety of cables is also provided, ensuring almost all of your attendees will be able to charge their device if the need arises.

Other companies also provide the service, so feel free to check out the two above and do some of your own research.

Ultimately, adding a branded charging station to your event provides attendees, sponsors, and vendors with numerous benefits, and the ability to collect additional data is also helpful for you. So, if you find that eventgoers are always looking for a way to charge their devices, consider adding a branded charging station to your event, as it can definitely be worth the effort.

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