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Meet the 5 Finalists of IMEX America’s 2016 #IMEXPitch Competition

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Written by Kaylynne Hatch

The #IMEXPitch competition is an annual opportunity for event technology startups to showcase their products to an audience of event planners and a panel of knowledgable, expert judges. Last year, Loopd, the two way beacon device for networking at events, was the big winner selected from a pool of promising startups. This year’s group of finalists present a variety of unique and innovative tech solutions for event planners. Today we’re giving you a look at what each of the top five finalists are bringing to the table.

ShowsliceShowslice: Keep Calm and Showslice – Showslice is a platform designed to help owners and buyers of large meetings and events save up to 70% on venue and event setup costs by encouraging event owners to communicate privately and “share aspects of event set-up & infrastructure back to back at 1 location.” By developing the platform, Showslice hopes to “[…] promote a more B2B collaborative culture between event buyers.”

EventGeekEventGeek Logo – EventGeek is a collaborative team communication platform for event and field marketing. Visually, the platform appears to be a cross between Slack and Asana but with event planning in mind. According to the EventGeek website, users can, “Collaborate with comments, assignments and mentions. Coordinate travel. Stick to budgets. Improve ROI. And more!”

GripGrip Logo – Grip bills itself as the first event networking app powered by artificial intelligence, which is a timely proposition given the recent popularity of AI powered chatbots and the like. Grip utilizes advanced algorithms to facilitate intelligent event matchmaking with a “Tinder-like interface” to make “connecting with other attendees fun, resulting in strong user engagement.”

EventCollabEventCollab logo – Creating event planning software is a tall order – it has to include document management, calendaring and scheduling tools, to-do lists, and everything in between while also maintaining security and providing a clean, simple to use interface. EventCollab claims to have done just that in an effort to “change the way the world produces events.” The software promises essential features and powerful integrations.

Invite the MediaInvite the Media Logo – Invite the Media is powered by PRGLOBALMEDIA which has “One of largest database of journalists, editors, reporters, bloggers and influencers all over the world.” Event planners can use the database in order to to invite local press and specialized media to their events. It’s free for news outlets and journalists to sign up and affordable for events hoping to get media coverage from news outlets, bloggers, journalists and influencers.

Be sure to keep an eye out for these promising startups at the upcoming IMEX America show in Las Vegas. The competition itself will take place on October 18th at 4:30pm at the Infuse Room 2 at the Inspiration Hub, where competitors will have 5 minutes to pitch their product including its concept, features and unique selling points. The winner will receive a free exhibit space at the Technology Pavilion the following year as well as media coverage of their company and product.

We hope to see you there!

Featured Image credit: Tech.Co ©2014 under a Creative Commons License

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