Meeting Rooms by the Hour: How These Services Can Save You Money

Written by Catherine Reed

When planning a trade show or conference, most event professionals are focused on booking large spaces for a significant duration. But, these aren’t the only times when having access to a well-appointed room is crucial for business functions. You may need to meet with companies, vendors, or sponsors for quick presentations or to handle negotiations, and these are rarely all-day events.

While some short meetings can be handled remotely, meeting in-person can be a necessity. And, if your main business operations are in another city, that means you need to secure a suitable space. However, the idea of booking a conference room for an entire day can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you only need it for an hour or two. Luckily, there is a solution.

Meeting Rooms by the Hour

A number of event spaces have begun offering meeting rooms on an hourly basis to cater to professionals who need a suitable location for a short period. This can give you access to technologically advanced conference rooms without having to shell out for the entire day.

These options have popped up in major cities throughout the country, allowing you to secure a professional location with a wide arrange of amenities at a fraction of the cost. They offer a substantial amount of flexibility, too, making these spaces ideal for client meetings or bringing together remote team members who’ve flown in to support an event.

Here is an overview of just a few of the companies that are providing the service.

Spacious offers a monthly subscription service that gives participants access to restaurant spaces for meetings. The company partners with local businesses who allow subscribers to use the location outside of their traditional business hours.

You can add beverage and food service at some locations, as well as guaranteed access to high-speed Wi-Fi and power outlets. Hosts will also be onsite to help ensure everything runs smoothly.

At Breather, you can book a variety of workspaces by the hour or by the day. The locations have a range of amenities including whiteboards, screens, and even chargers. Wi-Fi is also available, and they offer an instant booking option for short-notice needs.

In-house experts ensure the experience is consistent with the company’s standards and no memberships fees are required to book a room.

Peerspace provides access to a wide variety of spaces including studios and meeting rooms. You can quickly book a space online and add services like furniture rentals, A/V equipment, catering, and staffing through the company. They offer a concierge-style booking service, allowing you to request additional support or amenities you may require, without having to do all of the heavy lifting and research yourself.

Through Bizly, you can find locations are area hotels, restaurants, or activity venues with ease. Instant booking options are provided and integrated logistics options, such as attendee invites, are also available. Full-service locations are included in the listings, allowing you to have food and beverage services as well as a variety of amenities ready right when you arrive.

LiquidSpace offers flexible meeting and temporary office solutions in major cities throughout the country as well as some international destinations. You can customize the rooms, depending on your length of stay, to ensure you have access to everything you need while matching your personal or company’s style. Availability is tracked in real-time, so you can make short-notice bookings with greater ease.

Offering services to individuals, entrepreneurs, and companies of all sizes, Davinci Meeting Rooms touts spaces equipped with some of today’s leading business technologies, ensuring you have access to critical systems while on-site. The service includes access to over 5,000 locations throughout 30 countries, and quick online and app-based registration is available.

Cloud Meeting Rooms provides access to conference spaces in prime office building from around the world with a variety of on-site services and amenities at every location. Rooms are available multiple sizes, making them ideal for intimate gatherings and large-scale meetings alike.

Every location on Splacer is curated by its team, ensuring the rooms aren’t just functional, but beautiful as well. They provide access to underutilized and undiscovered spaces, making some of the locations highly unique compared to traditional conference rooms and workspaces. They also offer methods for connecting with local providers to assist with any needed services and equipment.

By reviewing the options above, most event professionals can find a suitable location for their meeting needs without the expenses associated with booking a room for an entire day. This gives you access to high-quality spaces at a fraction of the cost, allowing you to always project an air of professionalism no matter where your career takes you.

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