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Written by Kaylynne Hatch

This week, the events and meetings industry has seen some interesting news. September is a wrap up for Q3 and a great time for companies to bring out updates and new products in order to finish out the year with a strong Q4. Here’s a roundup of some of the latest updates and new product announcements:

In case you somehow missed it, Apple held their special event on the 7th to announce their latest update to the iPhone product line: iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The internet reacted with mixed feelings in response to the tech giant’s choice to remove the headphone jack from the popular phone ranging from outrage over not only the removal of the audio port but also the cost of the bluetooth “Airbuds” that Apple will now offer, to hopeful acceptance that the change might be an inevitable step towards a more wireless experience. You can read about the Apple announcement including details about upcoming changes to the Apple watch, iOS 10, and more in this summary from The Verge.

With a little less fanfare, a couple of event technology companies have made announcements about their own product lines this week.

etouches just announced their latest offering, the first integrated event ROI and performance solution for the events industry. The event management software company, “developed the event ROI product to address event professionals’ increasing need to demonstrate the value that their events add to their organizations.” The offering will be included in their a la carte tools that can be added to clients’ core or pro packages.

Additionally, Cvent updated their CrowdCompass product with a “new and improved EventCenter.” The EventCenter changes are meant to make the feature “more intuitive and user-friendly.”

And finally, in the realm of event transportation, the Wall Street Journal recently published a report discussing Google’s plans to open up access to their ride-sharing service, Waze Carpool. With lower fees and a simpler setup (Waze Carpool leverages drivers who are already on the road, rather than dedicated drivers), it’s easy to see how the new offering could pose a threat to ride-share companies, Uber and Lyft.


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