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Technology is advancing at a never-before-seen rate, so it can be difficult to know the emerging trends of the future. Take the latest event planning tool, the drone, which is proving to be one of the most versatile technological achievements.

Originally, drones were created as a tool for our military to go and look around where human cannot.  A drone is defined as; an unmanned aircraft or ship that can maneuver beyond sight with remote control or without human input using GPS technology.  Since drone usage has evolved, they can be used to your advantage to literally add a new perspective to your next event.

The applications of drones are only limited by the event venue’s space and your imagination! After getting permission from your venue site and securing your experienced drone team, you are ready to begin. Here are a few ways your next meeting or event can utilize drone technology:

Photography and videography

Drones can add a never before seen perspective to your event through the 360 panoramic views, with high-definition quality. These pictures allow your attendees and those watching on live feed, the opportunity to view your event in a whole new light. Still photography can supplement your meeting’s highlight video as well as the edited HD video from above. When combined with additional meeting video and still photography, you get a one-of-a-kind, final presentation that will leave attendees wanting more.

Unique entertainment

The latest phenomenon in the world of drones is their use for synchronized entertainment at events. This past April, Mt. Fuji, Japan saw a magnificent drone show with twenty drones flying with LED lights to synchronized music, and last January, Intel broke the world record of synchronized drone usage in Sydney Harbor, Australia.

Product delivery

Amazon has already announced the forthcoming use of drones for small package delivery with their Amazon Prime Air service.  Other companies such as Walmart, and Google X are also interested in the use of drone delivery and will begin market testing soon. You can use drones at your event to deliver/drop sample products onto your event crowds for an unforgettable experience.

Fly over advertising

 By attaching light-weight banners/signage onto drones, you have created a new advertising and marketing opportunity for your event or event sponsors. This lasting impression will have your attendees sharing their experience when they get back to the office.


In addition to your venue’s built-in security cameras, overhead drone video footage can give your meeting that added security bonus of panoramic protection.


The future of drones is changing even as you are reading this article and you would need a crystal ball to see all the exciting future uses of drone usage and how they will become common place in our daily lives. Until then, there is no time like the present to see how drone technology can impact your next meeting or event.

Featured Image credit: Jason Cipriani ©2014 under a Creative Commons License

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