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PRESS RELEASE: 5 Points of Light Reinvent the Keynote & Session Experience

Written by Tara Thomas

5 Points of Light Reinvent the Keynote & Session Experience to Invigorate Virtual and Physical Business Events

Group forms to evolve the impact of meetings for professional participants

OLYMPIA, WA – June 4, 2020 – Five seasoned professional speakers / trainers / presenters have joined forces to transform the meetings industry with a totally new way of “collaborating through conscious connection” at business events.  The 5 Points of Light is a breakthrough partnership of subject matter experts in the core disciplines that contribute to meaningful change in the personal, professional, and cultural lives of event participants, at both virtual and physical events.

Formed after speaking at a Seattle event in November 2019, Tara Thomas, Melissa Majors, Lee Papa, Patricia Keiran, and Janet Granger banded together to create the 5 Points of Light.  The team’s focus is on providing an engaging, impactful, collaborative and interactive format to event sessions, breakouts, training and leadership meetings, both virtually and at physical events.  In addition to facilitating discussion and education across their core skilled disciplines, 5 Points of Light will incorporate music, mindfulness, philanthropy, storytelling and movement to create a true experience for event participants.

The 5 Points of Light are seasoned speakers and trainers, each with an average tenure of over 20 years’ history in working with global events of all sizes.  “Conferences and events are critical components of professional life throughout the year for millions, but there has been very little change in the way we conduct sessions,” said Melissa Majors, Chief Strategist & Learning Officer & CFO for the group.  “And, the method speakers use to impart information and educate has remained, in many cases, extremely one way in terms of engaging with participants.”

Lee Papa, Chief Well-Being & Experience Officer for 5 Points of Light notes that “we support the shift from the old idea of balancing education versus social segments, to the evolved concept of integration of education, logic and linear thinking, as well as holistic and artistic experiences within meeting offerings. This way, a rich tapestry is created.”

The group owes its formation to Chief Partnership Officer Patricia Keiran, who early on saw the potential of an affiliation, and brought the group together for a unique “meeting of the minds” weekend to explore opportunity and brainstorm around the state of the industry.  “As I was curating and selecting speakers with interesting content for events, I felt that there was something very differentiated yet synergistic in the way each of us approached the role.  These were such strong speakers individually, I just knew that collaboratively, we would be a force.”

As the workplace – and audiences – become more generationally diverse, Janet Granger, Chief Marketing Officer for 5 Points of Light, brings valuable perspective to interacting with unbiased-based decision-making processes.  “As a speaker, ensuring that multi-generational empowerment is a key consideration for events is something that we’ve also brought to our unique offering.  Diversity, learning style, and comfort with technology are mission-critical in business right now, and we’re excited to incorporate methods to address this.”

Technology advances are on the mind of almost every participant, from the tools they use to manage their businesses, to the ones chosen by conference organizers to enhance the event.  Tara Thomas, the group’s CTO said “We know that part of what reinforces and solidifies powerful interaction these days is technology.  It is a foundational element of events and heavily requested learning content for professionals who often don’t have time to keep up with trends and advancements.  Our spirit of event innovation includes technology as a core element that will excite and engage audiences, and streamline the work done with corporate entities, divisions and leadership teams.”

The 5 Points of Light know how to structure live events or virtual experiences that truly engage and educate people in ways they’ll listen.  Every minute they share, onstage or off, is impactful – and optimized for total recall and long-term personal participant value.  Music, laughter, story-telling, and a cohesive group dynamic that’s light, fresh, and entertaining – while still being substantive and educational – is designed to generate an original, powerful experience.

The 5 Points of Light will provide their expertise for a range of events including leadership & internal meetings, conferences where continuing professional education is key, and experiences designed to drive appointment-based interaction, which is uniquely effective in a virtual experience.

“We’re attuned to the needs of professionals from all walks of life and how we can keep attendees on the edge of their seats.” continued Majors.  “The 5 Points of Light embody and illustrate the evolution of the event experience.  We’ll exemplify the possibilities and opportunities of professionals working together in creative, relevant, and lasting ways, forming a community that enhances the individuals themselves and those around them.”

To secure 5 Points of Light for your virtual event or 2021 physical or hybrid event, make an appointment to meet with the team.  For further information visit 5pointsoflight.com or follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook.

About 5 Points of Light

5 Points of Light is a breakthrough partnership of subject matter experts in the core disciplines that contribute to meaningful change in the personal, professional, and cultural lives of event participants including, technology, leadership, mindfulness, marketing and business process.  The group contributes strategy and content in partnership with event organizers and corporations, and provides a range of services including speaking, workshops & training and education “think tanks.”  For more details about the 5 Points of Light, visit their website.  For inquiries about booking, contact P.K. Keiran at pk@5pointsoflight.com.

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Tara Thomas

CMO & Co-Founder at The Meeting Pool
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