TECHbar: What’s Included for You & Your Attendees

1. Subject Matter Experts and Speakers:

For Breakout Sessions, General Sessions, or TECHbites – 25 minute sessions. We can work with your content planning team to discern what works best for your audience and implement that content and format.

2. TECHLounge or TECHbar:

This approachable, interactive spot is staffed by our tech experts and is a crisp, clean addition to your event space. We can incorporate a theme and set the area up as a lounge with seating vignettes, a tech bar — an Apple Store Genius bar-style staffed counter, or do a combination of both. Participants in your event can use the space for one-to-one meetings, as a quick stop for catching up on email, as a central meet-up zone and more. Locations are flexible and can be pre-function, on the show floor, or in a specific room. Our team will be available at all times during your event to answer any and all attendee tech and app questions, especially during networking and coffee break times. Being a meeting professionals as well, we are able to help with the logistics of setting up the lounge area with your A/V and furnishings partners.

The Meeting Pool - TECHbar iPads The Meeting Pool - TECHbar Lounge The Meeting Pool - TECHbar Lounge 2

3. Resource Center:

All our sessions are followed with an exclusive resource portal created for all attendees to continue to access cheat sheets on the apps and tech solutions covered in the session, blueprints and strategy documents on how they can take advantage of new technologies in the industry, and a link to the full presentation to share with their teams back home.

4. Social Media Buzz Onsite Team:

Our team will be your social media buzz team onsite, assisting in driving and stimulating conversations around session topics, your speakers, exhibitors, and making sure that your social media feed is always filled with interesting comments, photos, and interaction from all participants.

5. Event Mobile App Support:

You spent time and money preparing a mobile app for your participants to use. The Meeting Pool staff can ensure that you get the adoption to make it worthwhile. Our team will be available to SHOW your attendees how to use it, help with support and questions, and lead the charge in unique ways to leverage the features and functionality you’ve chosen.

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