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The Future is Transparency: 5 Future Technology Advancement Theories via Continuum

Written by Kaylynne Hatch

Resistance is futile; Big Brother is watching—classic lines from futuristic sci-fi thrillers. Is this the future of technology? What does technology really look like in, say, the year 2077? This TV junkie can tell you!

One of my latest television addictions is Continuum on the Syfy network. I call this show the more technology-focused version of Fox’s Fringe. If you love futuristic, science fiction dramas, this is a must!
Now, to give you an inside peek of the show, close your eyes. Oops, keep them open—you have to read this post! Rather, clear your mind and imagine a future where corporations are in control. Everything from technology, food, law enforcement, and every move you make are under surveillance and recorded.

Now imagine if there was some sort of tech that allowed you to travel back in time to avoid a future reality of such control.

Continuum constructs this reality throughout the show, now in its second season (you can catch up with the first season on Netflix). The show’s main character, Detective Kira Cameron, is an officer of the law in the year 2077 who gets thrust back in time to our present. I won’t spill any more exciting show details, but you can watch it yourself if this premise intrigues you!

What intrigues me about the show is if this future could potentially exist decades from now. The technology that is imagined in the show is unbelievable, scary and yet really useful. Let’s delve into the cool tech features shown in Continuum and let us know if you can envision these cool new advancements in the near future.

1) Real-Time Video Feeds

Big Brother is really watching. In this portrayed future, all the closed-circuit video recorders talk to each other. There is facial recognition embedded that assists in locating someone at any time. They see all, everywhere, all the time.

The closed-circuit video recorders in 2013 may not talk to each other, but they’re still watching! Although not widely used in the United States, there are an estimated 5.9 million CCTV cameras operating in the United Kingdom according to the British Security Industry Authority—that’s one camera for every 11 people! It’s safe to say the British government doesn’t miss much.

CCTV Camera

(CCTV Camera via Google)

2) Data Forecasting
Google Maps’ street view function taken to the next level. These geographic online maps can actually show CAD/360-degree views of any building along with heat imprints of human beings located on the property. In addition to reporting any life form inside, the data forecasting in the future also shows and records echoes of conversations. This allows law enforcement to capture and rewind suspicious activity.

Geotagging and geo-locating systems are used everyday to detect your location—that’s how Google Maps knows where you are and Facebook and Twitter know where you’re posting. Oracle is taking this a step further and using it in conjunction with heat map technology to showcase crowd activity at the Oracle Open World Event, showing attendees “what’s hot.” It probably won’t be too long until this tech begins to reach a larger audience (i.e. law enforcement) like in Continuum.

(Example of geotagging via Google)

(Example of geotagging via Google)

3) Technology Integrated Body Armor  

Interactive tech that you can wear! Forget about bulletproof vests. Officers of the future have full-body armor that is technology integrated. This armor can be mistaken for metallic wet suits and the tech inside them is utterly amazing. The suit is not only resistant to bullets, but explosions and any other catastrophes. The suit also has the ability to make you invisible, making you this stealth ninja that can fight while being unseen to the naked eye.

Soft body armor seems to be the way of the future! According to Fox News, researchers are developing armor made from spider silk. Currently, the leading material for soft body armor is Kevlar, said to be five times stronger than steel; spider silk outperforms Kevlar by absorbing three times more energy! They may not be technology integrated, but this armor will be incredibly light, maneuverable, and super strong. Our law enforcement and military men may begin to resemble Spiderman very soon.

(High-end Kevlar armor via Google)

(High-end Kevlar armor via Google)

4) Eye Contacts that Act as Video Recorders & Emotion detectors 

You can’t lie, you can’t cheat, you have to be true and transparent. These special futuristic contacts are just like traditional contacts yet have ultra superpowers. You can detect a person’s vitals and emotions just by looking at them, making telling a lie virtually impossible. The contacts also record what you are looking at and then send back the data to a memory device in your brain. In Continuum’s future, the cops use this footage for trials, so even police corruption and the use for written reports are entirely eliminated. Transparency is in full effect!

Two words: Google Glass. The glasses-like technology is currently being tested a lucky few, and is very impressive. Although unable to detect body vitals and emotions, Google Glass can take pictures and video, send texts, has video chat capabilities, GPS and translates your own (spoken) words into a different language. If all this can be achieved with an inch-long piece of glass positioned in front of your eye, Continuum’s contacts seem very feasible.

(Google Glass via Google)

(Google Glass via Google)

5) Memory Chip Implants

Your brain is literally a hard drive and ties in with the other technology that is integrated into your body (e.g. eye contacts). While this can be an advantage, like recalling good memories that you have might have forgotten, the disadvantage of this tech is they have the ability to wipe your memory clean and embed new, possibly false memories, similar to the Total Recall movie theory of “mind modification.”

Memory chip implants seem like something only achievable in the distant future, but a very similar technology will be available within five to ten years! Unlike in Continuum, though, this technology will be used only for good. According to CNN, MIT has been working on memory chip implants to help sufferers of strokes and localized brain damage with the ultimate goal being a treatment for Alzheimer’s.

(Picture of the memory implant via Google)

(Picture of the memory implant via Google)

Have I intrigued you? Check out Continuum on Syfy Fridays at 10 PM and see what all the future tech is about! For those random few out there who do watch it, what are your thoughts on the future tech shown in the series?

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