Think Your Event Doesn’t Need a Mobile App? Think Again

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Written by Catherine Reed

It’s been over 10 years since the original iPhone was announced. Since that time, smartphones have become a go-to tool for our business and personal lives. In fact, many people don’t leave a room without their phone in tow.

Even though 77 percent of Americans own a smartphone, not everyone in the events industry welcomes the idea of having a dedicated app for their meetings and conferences. But failing to adopt the technology means you are missing out on a great opportunity to connect with attendees and execute the event. If you don’t have an app ready, here’s why you need to get on board.

A Mobile App Shows You’re Tech-Savvy

Most modern professionals embrace technology. Failing to do the same means you’re harming your reputation as a forward-thinking company. Today’s culture has definitively shifted into the digital age, so doing the same ensures attendees see your brand as part of that landscape.

With an app, they can interact directly with your brand, reinforcing their interest in the event and generating excitement about what’s to come. Plus, it’s an opportunity for additional exposure, which is just good business sense.

Increase Participation from Casual Bystanders

Meetings and presentations aren’t always simple lectures; many look for audience participation. However, not every attendee is comfortable speaking up in public, even if all they have to do is clap or raise their hand. And, if your Q&A is relying on participants jumping up in front of a microphone, you can be sure a good portion of the audience is simply going to opt out. Even having their name attached to a question on a slide can be unnerving for many, making it a less than ideal option.

The truth is, public speaking and similar actions are some people’s greatest fear. By requiring them to single themselves out, you’re asking them to confront a phobia, and that’s highly unlikely to happen. That’s why finding an alternative that has the same instantaneous capabilities is so critical, making an app the perfect solution.

A mobile app provides options for taking part without having to put yourself out there completely. Integrated polling and feedback features mean even the shiest person can join in. Not only does this help derive more value for speakers and attendees, but it also increases engagement. This means the sessions are more exciting for everyone which is great for the event as a whole.

Harness Social Media

People enjoy being social, as seen by the success of social media brands like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. By bringing a mobile app to your event, you can connect directly with social media feeds that provide value. Activity feeds help generate buzz, and get people talking and sharing. They also let people know what is happening throughout the event space, making it an excellent tool to draw attention to keep areas or even manage clumping crowds.

By using social media feeds, your mobile app helps create an event culture, allowing participants to connect and feel a sense of belonging. Plus, using dedicated hashtags or similar integrated features, you can catch the attention of professionals who didn’t attend. If the event looks enticing from the outside, it can increase your pool of potential attendees for the next similar event on your schedule.

Grab Valuable Data

An app can also provide you with highly coveted information. Data and analytics are the waves of the future, allowing you to see activities in real-time and preserve the information for later review. These insights can help you choose when to take action to redirect traffic, which portions of the event need more outreach, and what decisions were successful. This lets you see the conference or meeting through the eyes of the attendees, and it’s an opportunity that just shouldn’t be missed.

Ultimately, having a mobile app offers too many benefits to ignore. So, if you haven’t jumped onto this technology, there is no better time than now to get started. Your presenters, attendees, and business will thank you.

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Catherine Reed

Catherine is a content creator, article writer, and web copy specialist who has translated her professional and educational experience into a full-time writing career spanning categories as diverse as technology, education, finance, and staffing. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology and has nine years of experience working specifically in the mobile device field.