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Written by Catherine Reed

The internet has been playing a larger role in the meetings and events sector thanks to increased demand for live-streaming and virtual attendance options as well as the growing prevalence of dedicated apps. Attendees, speakers, vendors, and event coordinators are also more interested in sharing data covering everything from basic contact information to detailed product information.

While some conference goers may be comfortable using their wireless service to handle some of these tasks, activities like streaming often require a more robust solution. Plus, certain structures can prevent cellular data from being an effective option, making 4G LTE or even 3G coverage unreliable. While some locations might provide WiFi to conferences and event, others might not. And, even if they do, your need might require something more than the venue can provide.

Luckily, there are businesses that offer an ideal solution: temporary internet service. Here is an overview of some of the top temporary WiFi providers that may provide services in your area.

A company that specializes in the temporary Internet game, Trade Show Internet provides wired and wireless solutions that can be implemented in almost any location, including outdoors. The company focuses on providing a robust and reliable connection in even high-density environments, using some of the latest technologies and a team of skilled network engineers to get it done.

With the CONNECT service, Trade Show Internet will be with you every step of the way. They take full responsibility for every part of the wired, wireless, or combination network and provide event coordinators with a single point of contact for everything from the design to implementation to invoicing. The service also comes with real-time reporting, allowing you to monitor the effectiveness of the network and giving the engineers the information they need to make adjustments on the fly. You get a high-speed, temporary internet solution that can be installed almost anywhere, allowing you and your attendees to have a great event everyone will enjoy.

For exhibitors who are interested in dedicated bandwidth, Trade Show Internet has them covered with their 4G Internet Kit. So, if you have a vendor that is interested in getting a personal connection, you can refer them to the same company that is managing your larger WiFi.

Another source for a state-of-the-art temporary internet experience is Transbeam, a managed service provider that expanded into the WiFi for events space. They provide all of the equipment and connectivity you may need along with onsite technical support to help keep everything running smoothly. The solutions can also include dedicated hard-wiring, ensuring live streams and web conferencing get the bandwidth they need regardless of other network activity.

The Transbeam temporary WiFi solution can support thousands of devices, guaranteeing your attendees, vendors, and staff won’t experience the frustration of slow speeds simply because the number of people in the space is high. Professional installation is included along with 24/7 monitoring. You also have the option of using custom splash pages to display welcome messages, promote key sponsors, or bring additional attention to your brand.

For events in the New York City and the tri-state area, Ruckus Solutions has provided support for a variety of large-scale events including trade shows, conferences, and fairs. With the ability to add wireless internet to most indoor and outdoor venues, attendees, vendors, and event planners can enjoy a strong, reliable connection to help them accomplish even some fairly data-intensive tasks.

The professionals at Ruckus Solutions can help design and deploy your ideal network, including wired and wireless functionality. They can provide on-site support, giving you peace of mind while you manage other tasks that require your personal touch, and provide access to real-time reporting so you can see how many devices are connected and where the most popular locations for making a connection are. You can even enjoy branding and marketing opportunities with your service, letting you get enhanced exposure with targeted users.

As you can see, finding a strong, temporary WiFi solution or your event doesn’t have to be difficult, especially since two of the companies listed above offer their services on a national level. So, instead of worrying about whether your venue has your connection needs covered, you can get high-quality, reliable coverage with the speeds your event needs to meet the demands of today’s technologies. Now, your presenters can stream seamlessly while other attendees get and trade the data they require, all simultaneously, thanks to the network you brought along.

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