With Smartphones Being So Popular, Do You Still Need a Professional Photographer at Your Event?

Written by Catherine Reed

As an event professional, you understand the value of keeping your costs low. It only makes sense to cut extraneous services and features that don’t provide an appropriate amount of value as this allows you greater financial stability. In today’s world, where practically everyone is carrying a smartphone with a camera, the idea that you might not need a professional photographer has likely crossed your mind. But cutting back in this area could be something you end up regretting.

The Value of Professional Photography Services

While smartphone cameras have come a long way in regards to producing quality images, they just can’t rival the photographs taken with professional equipment. Many top-of-the-line cameras and lens setups cost several thousand dollars, and they do for a reason. Add to that the additional equipment a pro will bring along, such as a high-quality flash, lighting rigs, and (possibly) backdrops, and you’re getting access to a lot more than a simple camera.

And they typically don’t bring just one camera or a single lens. They’ll have a multitude of options and generally carry their own backup equipment, ensuring that, if one piece malfunctions, they can continue shooting the event with ease and without sacrificing the final quality of the images.

Plus, a professional photographer has a keen eye. They have the ability to frame shots in the most attractive manner, ensuring the results are the best possible reflection of the event. A professional can also help you stage shots based on their experience, making sure that they are visually pleasing, well lit, and capture the proper mood.

Finally, truly skilled photography professionals are unobtrusive. They know how to navigate the event without causing a distraction. This allows your attendees and vendors to concentrate on their experience without having to worry about the photographer.

Offer Additional Services

By hiring a professional photographer for your event, you have an opportunity to offer services that might otherwise be challenging. For example, they could set up a booth and provide high-quality portrait services or capture product images that can be used for marketing materials.

Additionally, they can be used for group photographs, which can be helpful if awards will be given out during the event or if you want to demonstrate how many people actually attended.

In many cases, you also gain access to their photo editing skills, which will generally outshine those of less experienced individuals, and the power of their full complement of software.

How to Make the Most of a Professional Photographer’s Services

If you secure the services of a professional photographer, you need to help them coordinate their efforts to ensure the right moments are captured. This includes providing them with a schedule and letting them know what portions of the event simply cannot be missed as this allows them to move to the desired location and set up in advance. Additionally, you can give them a list of attendees, speakers, sponsors, and vendors you want to be photographed, guaranteeing that any VIPs receive the proper amount of attention.

You also want to arrange for them to arrive before the event. This gives them an opportunity to review key spaces, such as session rooms and presentation stages, so they can discern which approach is best. Additionally, you can use this time to capture pre-event activities which can be used in future marketing efforts or to drum up excitement before the action starts.

Before the event is also an ideal time to make sure that the photographer has access to all of the systems and support they require. This could include connecting to the wifi network, having access to wall outlets, or creating a place for them to store their gear onsite. If your event lasts longer than a day, it’s wise to expect that the photographer will need a safe place to charge batteries for their equipment, so designating a space just for them is a smart move.

You’ve invested heavily in your event, so having stunning images captured by a professional photographer can be a great choice. Not only can the pictures be used for marketing activities, but they may also be placed on social media, on the event’s website, or even made accessible through the event’s app.

While smartphone cameras have become more advanced, they don’t have the same capabilities of a high-quality camera. So, if you want exceptional photographs of your event, consider securing the services of a pro.

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