10 Event Ticketing Platforms for Your Next Conference

Written by Catherine Reed

Ticketing can be a critical part of the event and conference planning process. Often, you have ideas regarding how you want to manage ticket sales and need a solution that can bring your vision to life. Luckily, there are numerous options available in the ticketing platform space. To help you find the one that is right for you, here are seven event ticketing platforms (and a bonus option) to consider for your next conference or event.


If you are looking for an event ticketing platform that has everything you need in one place, then you need Accelevents. This platform can be used for tools such as silent auctions, and donations. Accelevents makes setting up events easier and more convenient. There are amazing features such as event page customization, and real-time ticket tracking. Online ticket sales and event registration is hassle free and makes tickets more accessible to your guests. Additionally, Accelevent has great 24/7 live customer service. The pricing is pretty reasonable at $1 per ticket plus 1% of ticket sales amount. There is no activation fee and unlimited custom ticket types to apply at your leisure. Making event ticketing less of a hassle for you and easier for your guests.


Eventbrite is one of the more popular event ticketing platforms on the market today. The site boasts around 50 million active ticket buyers, helping you reach out to interested parties you may not have otherwise found. Additionally, Eventbrite boasts a 99.99 percent uptime, allowing you to rest assured that the event tickets will be available when a potential attendee takes a look.

The platform provides comprehensive planning tools, enabling you to promote and manage the event as the date arrives and review analytics from the conference from any device. 24/7 access is provided to all event planners, along with 15 report and chart views for a quick analysis. Additionally, CRM and email system integration is included, helping to streamline the process.

The experience is also optimized for mobile devices, ensuring all potential attendees can purchase tickets through their device of choice as well. And, with the companion EventbriteOrganizer mobile app, you can scan tickets at entry from your mobile device as well.

accesso ShoWare:

For those interested in a full ticketing suite, accesso ShoWare provides flexible options suitable for most any corporate events or conferences. The solution is divided into two primary categories: onsite and online. All sales are tracked in real-time, including those through social media, allowing for the effective use of assigned seating in an event without the hassle of cross-comparing purchases to ensure no accidental double occupancy.

ShoWare also provides a powerful CRM system, allowing you to capture contact data and other sales information with ease. Access controls also enable you to observe in and out scans of attendees, allowing you to know exactly who is at the event at any given time. They can also support onsite purchases with licensed kiosks, freeing your event staff to handle other matters instead of focusing on ticket sales.


Touted as an all-in-one registration and ticketing solution, Eventzilla provides the ability to sell tickets through the platform directly as well as through an event’s website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter feed, and more. Mobile check-in options, including QR codes associated with tickets, can eliminate the need to manage any paper.

Another benefit of Eventzilla is an instant payout. As soon as the payment is processed, it is sent to your account immediately. You can also create discount codes to offer special pricing to potential attendees and manage a waiting list to help resell unused tickets quickly to interested parties.

Integration with various email systems is included, including the ability to import contact lists. The attendee list can also be exported to use for lead generation for upcoming events or other activities.


Nutickets is another contender in the ticketing and event management space, offering numerous features to make the tasks more manageable. In the area of ticketing specifically, event organizers receive immediate access to any funds generated from ticket sales, ensuring the needed monies are accessible quickly. Custom box office options are included, allowing you to brand the experience and create a cohesive experience on multiple platforms. Additionally, social media accounts can be integrated with automatic posting settings.

Some onsite benefits are also available. This includes access to the Nutickets Entry App for door-entry management and wireless badge printing to help expedite the check-in process. Real-time analytics are also part of the service, allowing activities to be monitored from any internet-connected device.


Purplepass offers a simple solution for event managers looking to get started quickly. The initial account setup is streamlined for efficiency, and events can be posted directly to their site. You also gain access to a selection of widgets that can be customized to facilitate sales through your own sites. The ability to discount tickets, including for early registration and coupon codes are also included.

For those who prefer physical tickets or wristbands, the site allows you to customize them to your event and have them printed and sent directly to you. A variety of marketing tools are included, enabling you to track marketing efforts and the performance of your event once you are onsite. Equipment is also available through the company to manage onsite activities, including POS and Box Office systems and wireless scanners. However, mobile app-based options are also offered for those who have access to their own devices.

One drawback is that payouts aren’t completed until the Thursday after the event occurs. This means all costs associated with the event must be managed up front are out-of-pocket instead of through funds related to ticket sales.

Event Ticketing | Purplepass Logo




A strong contender in the ticketing space is TicketSpice. The platform offers a wide array of features designed to make ticket management simpler while also giving event planners the ability to customize the experience. TicketSpice provides branding control, allowing for easy integration into websites and social media, while also supporting dynamic live previews of the ticketing page you design. They also guaranteed data sovereignty, ensuring your attendees will never receive solicitations or marketing from them or any third-parties based on their participation.

An advanced feature offered by the provider is the ability to apply conditional logic to ticket prices. This means you can set parameters to adjust pricing based on conditions like the available supply, the number of tickets being purchased in a single transaction, or the number of days remaining before the event. Conditional visibility options are also offered, allowing certain information to be hidden in specific situations.


If you prefer to have the event page remain separate from the service provider, Universe allows you to create customized event pages and embedded ticket sale options (including direct payment widgets) that don’t redirect back to the Universe site. For onsite event management, you gain access to a free app to scan ticket QR codes at the door, facilitate day-of sales, manage attendees, and track various data points in real-time.

During the promotional phase, you can create incentives for attendees to share information about your event, including discounts for sharing the event on social media. Multiple ticket levels are also supported, along with real-time tracking of quantity limits. For higher cost events, you can even give attendees the option to select a payment plan, letting them divide the cost into a series of installments.

Events Manager Plugin:

For event planners that use a WordPress site, the Events Manager plugin offers ticketing options as well as many other event management features. The free version includes the ability to set up multiple ticket types at varying price points along with capacity tracking and cut-off dates. The pro version, which must be purchased, adds additional options like the ability to issue coupon or discount codes to reduce event prices.

If you have already invested time into WordPress, then the Events Manager plugin may be worth exploring.

Wild Apricot:

Wild Apricot is a web-based software for small associations and non-profits to help manage membership, website, events and other activities. It is a “cloud” software, which means this software runs through a web browser without needing to install anything on your local computer or hard drive. Since their focus is small organizations, they have designed Wild Apricot to be both powerful and affordable, with pricing plans starting at just $40 per month.


The solutions cover a wide range of circumstances and the ability to choose from a broad selection of features based on your unique situation and personal preferences. With the number of event ticketing platforms available and the variety of options they have to offer, you are sure to find a solution that meets your needs.

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