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5 Great AI Ideas for Your Event

Written by kyrah thomas

Hot tech is taking hold in the event space.  Are you ready to try something new for your participants?  Here are 6 different ways to leverage one of the newest trends in event tech — AI.  Take a quick read and click through to learn more from some of the companies noted below.


Chatbots are computerized devices that can be programmed to answer questions. They can be used for registration purposes such as frequently asked questions or instructions.

There are two main types of chatbots. The first is a command based chatbot. In simple terms, this type of program uses only predetermined questions and cannot answer any questions that have not been programed for answering. This type of chatbot requires a template of database questions using keywords to determine which preset answer to give. The second type of program is a machine learning chatbot. These utilize a computerized system with the advanced ability to answer ambiguous questions by learning from questions previously asked. Machine learning chatbots become smarter with time and can evolve and create questions on their own without specific programing.

While machine learning chatbots have more advanced capabilities compared to the command based chatbots, they also require more extensive engineering efforts. So, if you are looking for a basic AI chatbot to answer simple questions for one event, the command based chatbot is the easiest to build and best option.




An AI personal assistant such as “Amy” or “Andrew” is an AI alternative to a real life assistant. You simply email your AI assistant with the details of your appointment or meeting and it will schedule it for you. This application has all the benefits of a human personal assistant, but at a more cost effective price and with less room for human error so you don’t have to worry about efficiency or mistakes in your schedule.

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Trevor is also an AI personal assistant and chatbot, but instead of focusing on appointments, it reminds you of tasks that need to be performed such as shopping or laundry. Trevor connects to your phone’s task list and calendar to help you be more efficient.  Based on what is on your calendar, Trevor will suggest times to complete certain tasks that will not only help you manage time, but also stay on track during the most busy times in your schedule.


Time is an aptly named application that uses AI and statistics to help manage your time by setting deadlines to stop procrastination. Time has an easy to use interface and will help you stay on track and ahead of schedule.


Facial recognition is a form of biometrics that determines the actual identity of a person based on their unique facial characteristics. It’s kind of like taking a verification picture to make sure a person is who they say they are. Another long known form of biometric identity is fingerprint recognition which authenticates a person’s identity based on their unique fingerprint. Biometrics are good tools to use as a security measure to ensure safe events because there would be minimal chance of fraudulent access.






These AI advances represent only a few ways to ensure efficient, effective, error-free events. But one thing is for sure, having an event run smoothly makes planning the next one a whole lot easier.

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kyrah thomas

Kyrah is an intern at The Meeting Pool and is currently enrolled and studying at San Francisco State University. Kyrah's major is business administration with a concentration in Marketing.