A Revolutionary Way to Manage On-Site Communications

Written by Catherine Reed

As an event professional, you’ve likely coordinated a conference, meeting, or tradeshow that took place in either a remote location or one where mobile and WiFi services were lacking. Often, this means resorting to “old school” technology, like walkie-talkies, to keep activities flowing and ensure critical personnel are able to speak with one another while on-site.

These antiquated solutions aren’t ideal based on their limited capacity (often only providing voice-based communication options) and restricted range. But, there is an alternative. Welcome to the world of mesh networking.

What is Mesh Networking?

Mesh networking is an emerging technology that provides more comprehensive communication options that walkie-talkies and similar devices without the need for an accessible mobile or WiFi network. Service is provided through small, lightweight devices that can be paired with smartphones and used to create a completely private on-site communication solution.

Instead of only providing voice, a mesh network can offer a range of messaging options, GPS service, and mapping. Since multiple devices can be used to create a network, allowing information to be relayed through more than one point to reach its destination, you can extend and enhance your network to fit your needs simply by adding the proper number of devices.

Mesh Networking by goTenna Mesh

One company that offers a comprehensive mesh networking solution is goTenna mesh. The devices are compact, measuring approximately 4 inches long and weighing less than 2 ounces, making them highly portable.

Once your mesh network is set up using goTenna devices, you can have access to text messaging, GPS, and mapping, all without the need for a mobile signal or WiFi network. Additionally, group chats are available, and all communications (one-to-one and group) are encrypted, providing an additional piece of mine.

Through the compatible app, you can also receive delivery confirmation for messages that are sent. Plus, the point-to-point range far exceeds most walkie-talkies, and you have the ability to create a larger scale mesh network based on your needs.

For added convenience, the device is charged via micro-USB, meaning it can be charged through a standard wall outlet, compatible auto-charger, or even a portable backup charger. The battery also lasts longer than those in most walkie-talkies, giving you 24+ hours of available power.

The goTenna mesh solution is compatible with iOS (9.0 and above) and Android (4.3 and above) devices, including smartphones and tablets. This means you and your team can use your current devices, so you don’t need to purchase new ones as long as those standards are met. Just pair a goTenna with each device, and you’re ready to begin.

As a bonus, you can also use a goTenna in stationary relay mode, allowing unpaired devices to be strategically placed throughout your venue, acting as relays, increasing the size of your mesh network.

Ultimately, mesh networking provides you with the power to communicate with ease, even if traditional mobile and WiFi service isn’t available in the location. With the ability to reach your staff during an event being of the utmost importance, having a simple, portable solution is often considered a must, and this one couldn’t be simpler.

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