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Creating the Best Presentation for Your Business

Creating the Best Presentation for Your Business
Written by kyrah thomas

In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing world we are overwhelmed with options on how to create and execute a presentation. If you’re in business, you need to know how to create captivating presentations. Without the proper guidance, figuring out which presentation tool best suits your specific needs can be exhausting. Here are a few helpful tips and tools to assist you in navigating the many types of presentation applications available to you for your meetings and events.


If you’re looking for a way to jazz up your presentation but you aren’t exactly tech-savvy, then PowToon is the tool for you. This platform will make a simple, yet creative, presentation that is sure to impress your clients. PowToon is a cloud-based SAAS solution that makes animation videos and presentations with an easy to use interface. It can create a walk through and animated videos that can be used in a presentation or on your website. PowToon gives you everything necessary to build an impressive, animated presentation in one turn key software tool.  It’s also great for highlighting sessions or features of your conference on the big screen or your social media walls.  T

Take a look at this fun example for Labelexpo Americas last week:

Labelexpo Connections 2018 Appointments from Conference Solutions (CSS) on Vimeo.


GLISSER is an app that helps bridge the presenter-audience gap. It analyzes audience feedback with ease and can facilitate a variety of audience participation features such as live polling, live slide sharing, and interactive quizzes. GLISSER keeps the audience engaged in real-time by allowing participants to become part of the presentation and take digital notes, while improving future presentations with post-presentation feedback.



Prezi is another cloud-based SAAS solution much like GLISSER. Prezi is a more advanced version of Microsoft PowerPoint with a specialty in animations and transitions. It allows for more creativity in how the informational content is delivered on each slide and a wider and more exciting variety of animated transitions between slides. More visual content on a slide holds audience attention longer .  Prezi is a simple software solution to your boring presentation problems.




SlideDog is the multimedia presentation software that allows you to combine different platforms into one viewing experience. Sometimes, sales and marketing professionals need to be able to move between presentation tools, but it’s not always possible because of their technical limitations. SlideDog is the solution, as it enables users to switch between PowerPoint, Prezi, PDF, web pages and others. This is an innovative way to include all the content you want without compromising any style or design. SlideDog is great for an in-person presentation or on your business website for visitors to watch.


Haiku Deck:

Haiku Deck is a simple and easy to use presentation tool. It allows you to create presentations on the web, iPad, or iPhone. There are a variety of styles, fonts, layouts, and filters to painlessly create a professional presentation without any added costs. Haiku Deck comes with preset templates and themes to easily create a visually pleasing presentation to draw in your attendees. You can even control your Haiku Deck with your iPhone so you don’t need to worry about buying any additional hardware for your presentation. If you are looking to make professional, engaging presentations with beginner experience, then Haiku Deck is for you.

Presentations are one of the most important aspects of conferences and lectures. Interact, teach and engage your audience using the software suggested for special events and occasions and for when you can’t afford to be ignored! The examples of presentation tools are easy to use and will be sure to create the most engaging and professional presentations. What are you waiting for? Pick a tool and start creating! Your prospects are waiting.

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kyrah thomas

Kyrah is an intern at The Meeting Pool and is currently enrolled and studying at San Francisco State University. Kyrah's major is business administration with a concentration in Marketing.