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Your attendees are bombarded by new online solutions and apps every single day. How can you keep up with the latest in tech, devices, efficiency, organization and other business-oriented solutions with so much going on? How do you meet your mission to go paperless, and to embrace iPads and smartphones?

Technology today moves fast and comes with a set of necessary decisions. Do you know where to start, and do you have the time in your busy day to dig into the solutions that would help you and your attendees met technology objectives? Embracing new technologies, tablets and apps should be fun!

The Meeting Pool, the event industry’s technology decision engine, is poised to provide today’s events with interactive educational options that enliven your event and bring technology to the fore as an important, engaging component of your meeting.

We have different TECHbar concepts for your next event. All can be customized so you choose the topics, format, and ideas that work best for your event and your event participants.

Deliver technology-rich event experiences and content for your event participants by partnering with The Meeting Pool. Learn more about hosting a TECHbar event and the TECHbar experience!

Have your attendees Swim Up to the Meeting Pool TECHbar!


“She got me, a technophobe, to open up about trying new technology. I can’t wait to talk to her again and to “playing” with the new technology I’m learning.”

“The team were great! Wished I had more time to go over other apps!”

“More of this would be very helpful… I couldn’t get enough! Terrific sessions.”

”I got more out of this session than any other session.”

“The Meeting Pool team are super relatable and puts their expertise on a level that everyone can appreciate and understand but not feel inadequate.”

Photos from Past Meeting Pool TECHbars

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