An Interview with the CEO of Buzz Registration, Megan Buzzetta

Written by Kaylynne Hatch

megan_buzzettaBUZZ Registration is a full-service site-selection, contracting, and housing team based out of Hamilton, New Jersey. They provide many great meeting services including venue decisions, registration websites, event check-ins, tracking of events and attendees, lead retrieval and travel services.

All services are provided as a full-package, or as stand alone services where clients  pick and choose only the services  they need for their event. We spoke with CEO and founder of BUZZ Registration, Megan Buzzetta, on how she created the idea for a full-service shop for event services.

Buzzetta began her endeavors by founding Global Planners Inc., a full-service meeting planning company, while in her twenties. She started the company with a single printer and $3,000, while working out of her office and car. After the recession hit in 2009, Buzzetta found it hard to keep her doors open. She found that the meeting industry had changed. Customers were now looking for à la carte services, rather than a full-service registration company. After these humble beginnings, Buzzetta changed her focus and began creating a “new culture based on flexible services served as a package or pick-and-choose style.”

Buzzetta states, “gone were the days of the paper sign-in sheets.” With kiosk check-ins and a technology cloud-based app, BUZZ  now streamlines the registration process. What makes the company unique is that either a whole team will get behind a meeting or that one person can handle it alone.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 4.30.17 PM-1Buzzetta  saw that meeting planners wanted to execute the registration process by themselves. Thus, BUZZ will build for either type of meeting service, complete package or stand-alone services. They are “constantly updating their software and constantly staying current.” Customers can “use us when and where they need us.” As a result, BUZZ allows the “meeting planner to run the show.”

Buzzetta said that planners tell her that they didn’t know a service like this existed. BUZZ is unique in the meeting planning business because it can be fully customized to meet the individual needs of each meeting planner and event.

In closing, Buzzetta makes a poignant statement on event planning: “Registration management is like the dirty dishes of a dinner party.” As one of the least exciting parts of the event planning process, BUZZ helps planners by handling all facets of registration management.  For inquiries on BUZZ You can visit their website at


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