UPDATED – It’s Loopd for the Win at This Year’s #IMEXPitch

Written by Kaylynne Hatch

——————– UPDATE ——————–

Last Tuesday, a member of each company’s team presented a 5 minute pitch to an audience of 50 attendees in a meeting room on the IMEX show floor. In his presentation, Brian Friedman pitched the Loopd system and explained how beacons placed throughout an event location could communicate with Loopd chips worn around attendees’ necks. Users can sync their chips with other attendees or booth exhibitors by simply tapping on the unit. The beacons can tracks attendees’ movements and organizers can use a mobile app to view the booths and presentations that they attended, allowing them to utilize gathered traffic data.

After considering practicality, innovation, ease of use, uniqueness in the marketplace, user adoption to date, and the sustainability of the business model; the judges of the event selected Loopd as the winner of this year’s #IMEXPitch.

——————– UPDATE ——————–

For anyone new to the IMEX or the events industry, #IMEXPitch is the new name for the IMEX Event Technology Startup Competition. At last year’s competition, Speecheo claimed first place amongst a set of unique and innovative products and services that were pitched to the panel of judges.

This year’s contestants have represented a variety of events segments and gone through round after round as they’ve been siphoned down to the shortlist. Here are the 5 competitors that you’ll be hearing from at this year’s #IMEXPitch:

IMEXPitch - Brojure

BrojureDigital Proposal and Communication application for meeting and event planners.


IMEXPitch - Lasso40 

Lasso40Lasso40 captures e-signatures and electronically checks-in your attendees at your events.

IMEXPitch Lasso40


IMEXPitch - LiGo

LiGoLiGo is a face-to-face networking tool that enables participants to meet the right people at events.


IMEXPitch - Loopd

LoopdLoopd helps corporate event marketers create rich attendee engagement with the Internet of Things.


IMEXPitch - Pheedloop

PheedLoopThe ultimate event engagement tool.

The 5 contestants will have 5 minutes to pitch their event technology products to an audience of events professionals and 5 judges during an Information Hub session on October 13, 2015 at 4:30pm. The winner will get a free space at the Technology Pavilion at the 2016 Imex America Trade Show.
Click here to learn more about #IMEXPitch.

To learn more about new and emerging events technology, be sure to visit booth #264, The TECHNexus.


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