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Attendify Unveils Hub, a Next Generation Platform That Makes Event Apps More Engaging and Accessible

Written by The Meeting Pool


Mobile event apps have seen a surge in popularity, but many event planners hesitate to take the plunge citing high costs and an onerous fulfillment process that can take 3-8 weeks. Aiming to change how event apps are built and managed, Attendify is announcing Hub™, a next generation platform that enables event planners to create and publish engaging social event apps in a fraction of the time and cost of other vendors.

Attendify’s Hub delivers a step-by-step app building experience, instant preview tools, and a complete app management suite that equips planners to drive attendee participation while staying in full control from start to finish. “Event planners have been led to believe that apps are complex, take months to build, require an implementation team, and cost thousands of dollars,” says Michael Balyasny, Attendify’s CEO, “we’re taking a radically different approach by empowering event planners to build and manage fully customized, branded apps, and deploy them in days,” continues Michael.

Hub also gives event planners a way to boost and manage attendee participation through powerful, turn-key social networking features. “Event apps have been stuck in the one-dimensional role of being a way to replace printed event guides for far too long,” says Michael. “Attendify’s apps deliver a private social network for each event, creating micro-communities that give attendees a way to share, collaborate and connect,” says Michael.

Attendify’s Social App has driven event engagement for companies like Google, Bloomberg, and AstraZeneca by boosting participation and creating communities that often extend well past the end of the event. Attendees share photos, messages, interact with likes and comments, take quick polls, and add new LinkedIn connections all while having access to a digital event guide.

Along with the new platform, Attendify is releasing a Multi-Event version of its Social App enabling event planners to create one app for their organization and use it across multiple events. The Multi-Event app brings Attendify’s social networking features to every event, encouraging attendees to share, network, and get the information they need to be productive. “Attendees want to be recognized at events, and they’re demanding better networking tools to help them achieve that goal,” says Michael, “Attendify delivers apps that help attendees engage and share, while keeping event planners firmly in control of everything happening in the app.”

Starting today, event planners can sign up free, build a Single or Multi-Event app, and test it instantly using the all new Attendify Hub. Visit http://attendify.com to create an account and get started.

Source:  Attendify
Press Contact:  Michael Balyasny
Email:  michael@attendify.com