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PRESS RELEASE: EUROPALCO Turns 25 and Consolidates Portugal as a Privileged Destination

Written by The Meeting Pool

EUROPALCO turns 25 and consolidates Portugal as a privileged destination for the events with the largest deployment of AV technology in Europe

EUROPALCO, the biggest provider of solutions for events and shows in Southern Europe, turns 25 and continues to grow and consolidate its country of origin, Portugal, as a privileged destination for the most impressing corporate events in the continent thanks to the use of audiovisual technologies that create memorable experiences for the audiences.

EUROPALCO was born in 1997 when its founder and current CEO, Pedro Magalhães, started as a Disc Jockey at the age of 16. In its first years, the company was dedicated to working with music bands, mainly as a provider of light and sound. Today, focusing on corporate events, with a product ‘key in hand’, it has evolved in such a way that has more than 120 employees and extraordinary facilities of 8,000 square meters in Sintra (Lisbon), which allowed them the creation of nothing less than 1800 events during 2019.

Throughout its history, EUROPALCO has developed unconventional audiovisual concepts and formats, which have led to nominations and awards at the most prestigious international trophies in the audiovisual industry. From huge projection mappings on the most iconic monuments in Portugal, through three-dimensional projection boxes, to impressive flying screens, 360-degree circular displays, augmented reality, holograms and gigantic LED murals, EUROPALCO is renowned for its use of disruptive and surprising technologies, capable of turning its client’s events into shows without precedents.

IBM, Deloitte, Oracle, Vodafone, BMW, Peugeot and even the Web Summit (the largest technology conference on the planet) are some of the brands that have relied on the Portuguese provider –always through event agencies– to carry out some of the most spectacular corporate gatherings that have been seen in Europe in the last 25 years.

In addition, and above all, EUROPALCO has stood out since its origins for being one of the only companies of its kind in the world to offer the complete package of products and services necessary to conceive a whole event, from lighting, special effects, textile prints, audio and video, to decoration and the personalized creation of all kinds of furniture, studios and scenarios.

In fact, EUROPALCO has its own Carpentry, Metalwork, Textile manufacturing, Printing and Furniture departments -something exclusive in the sector- where chairs, tables, textile prints, scenery, studies and all types of requirements that need tailor-made manufacturing are done.

“We create events that are completely innovative, with the use of the most advanced technology together with the development of personalized concepts for each of our clients”, affirms Pedro Magalhães. The company constantly invests in every innovation related to the areas that integrate its global package of solutions with the aim of giving life to incomparable technological and audiovisual proposals, which are impossible to forget.

“We are focused on increasing the number of companies that decide to hold their corporate events in Portugal. Our country is ideal for an endless number of reasons, such as the hospitality of its people, its warm temperature, its gastronomic richness, and for the fact that here they have a local provider like us capable of answering to all their needs and desires”, adds Magalhães.

Indeed, Portugal stands out as a destination for the MICE sector thanks to its infrastructure, competitive prices, hotel offer and accessibility; it has 3 main airports and air connections between the main European cities and South and North America. In addition, its particular climate presents more than 300 sunny days a year, and 850 kilometers of beaches next to forests, mountains, islands, parks, among other powerfully attractive landscapes. So much so that Lisbon is the second most requested city in the world for international congresses according to the world ranking of the ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association).

The Portugal-based company plans to continue growing in number of clients, employees and, above all, in number of solutions. “My main wish is to maintain the stability and growth of the company, and to ensure a motivated, united and happy team. I believe that EUROPALCO has no limits and its future depends on everyone”, concludes Magalhães.

To watch the video of EUROPALCO’S 25th-anniversary, click here: https://youtu.be/MIG3wGXztHg