Biohacking Your Way to a Better You

Written by Kaylynne Hatch

Biohacking Your Way to a Better YouBiohacking is a trend that brings together science and technology in the interest of upgrading human capabilities. Much of this starts from the quantified self, the data collected by tracking a variety of biological factors such as heart rate, sleep, exercise, etc. using devices that you’re already aware of (like the Fitbit).

There are even events and gatherings for the biohacking industry. On May 21st, the Pando team, working together with the original Biohacker Summit team put together an event in London to bring together a variety of biohacking startups and health experts: Biohacker Summit UK. The event gave attendees the opportunity to look at some of the new apps, gadgets, and science in the world of biohacking.

The show added some new tech to the ever growing list of interesting biohacking gadgets that can help users upgrade their lives. Here are a few gadgets we’ve found through the summit and elsewhere that have piqued our interest:

QuietOn – One of the products highlighted at the Biohacker Summit UK were these ear plugs. How do you incorporate tech into ear plugs? You combine acoustic noise attenuation with noise cancelling technology. The result? Silence. Whether you’re trying to meditate in order to clear your head or trying to sleep on a long flight to your next event, these ear plugs will help you create a quiet space wherever you are. They’re completely wireless and are small enough to allow the user to rest their head on a pillow without getting in the way. They also hold a 50 hour charge so you don’t have to worry about recharging yet another device everyday.

Thync – What if you could harness the power of your brain’s own processes in order to feel energized or relaxed without a drink or pills? With Thync, you can do just that. The device itself is a module (a piece of curved plastic about the size of a potato chip) that rests on your forehead. There are two electronic strips that run from the device down to your neck and it’s all connected via bluetooth to an app.  “Thync works by signaling nerves on the head and neck to act on the brain’s adrenaline system. These nerves then activate your body’s natural state of energy or calm.”

Lumo Lift – Now your activity tracker can do even more. The Lumo Lift is not just another device to help you track steps, distance travelled, and calories burned – it also helps you with your posture by gently reminding you to quit slouching. The device uses vibrations to let users know when they’re slouching and need to sit up. The site says users can improve their posture in as little as 14 days, which means you’re just two weeks from being able to maintain beautiful, confident posture.

Versus – A big part of high performance is the ability to maintain mental focus, clarity, and strength. The Versus headset is designed to help you do just that. “Designed by neuroscientists, Versus goes beyond cognitive brain games and promotes high-performance brain function. Increase impulse control, regulate emotions, stay focused, and sleep better—all with Versus.” The headset feels a little strange to wear but you’ll be amazed to see how it allows you to play games, hands free on the accompanying app!

Moodmetric – Struggling to get a handle on your stress? “The Moodmetric ring measures the autonomous nervous system signals that can be used to understand emotional reactions and improve quality of life.” The Moodmetric ring can help you track your emotional state throughout the day and help you lower your overall stress levels. Think technology can’t help you find happiness? Think again.

HumanCharger – Now you can recharge by plugging in. The HumanCharger headset promises to enable you to maintain the rhythm of your body’s natural clock, fight the symptoms of jetlag, and reduce fatigue and even food cravings. The device uses patented technology to provides light therapy through a set of earbuds. “Sunshine boosts your energy levels, lifts your mood and helps you perform at your best. When you travel between time zones, days and seasons, you just don’t get enough light. The HumanCharger gives you UV-free, blue-enriched white light when you need it most.”

If you’re interested in biohacking, be sure to check out the devices above or find us at our next event (we have a couple available to try out at our TECHbars).

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Kaylynne Hatch

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