This Cutting-Edge Technology Can Make Your Biz Travel Smarter

Written by Janet Amistoso

7 Contemporary Travel Tools to Enhance Your Next Trip

We all know that the purpose of technology is to increase speed, convenience, and serve as an overall improvement to our lives. Every aspect of our experiences have been touched in some way by technology – the realm of travel is no exception. Besides the obvious tools of GPS, online booking, and the like, we invite you to take a look at a handful of new tech that could be of use as you travel to your next destination.

Barracuda Luggage

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Barracuda Luggage, San Francisco offers the world’s first collapsible hard-side luggage. Their suitcases include a built-in laptop tray, USB charger, location tracking, and more. Their Kickstarter campaign raised over $1.25 million with more than 3,300 backers across the world. It’s really making a hit.

This collapsible design makes the suitcase easy to store when you’re at home or in your hotel, as it will fit easily in small places. These suitcases will power your USB devices such as smartphones and tablets, and connect to bluetooth for convenient tracking. If it’s ease you seek during travel, the Barracuda brand has you covered.

barracuda luggage


Bluesmart Suitcases & Mobile App


Bluesmart claims to be the world’s first smart luggage with location tracking, digital lock, distance alerts, easy access, USB battery chargers, a built-in scale, trip itineraries, and travel stats. If you can find your suitcase anywhere in the world and help your airline recover lost baggage, it can’t get lost. This is just one of the many invaluable features offered with the product.

You will have access to your bag, and all it’s features from the Bluesmart app on your smartphone, which you’ll be able to charge up to six times. The company also offers a $20 credit toward the bag for those who refer friends. So, you can benefit now by simply sharing the awesome technology.



Zolt Laptop Charger


Zolt claims to be the smallest, lightest, smartest laptop charger in the world. It allows you to charge multiple devices, including your laptop, phone, and tablet, at the same time from a single outlet. Zolt also works with GoPro, portable speakers, cameras, and more, compatible with at least 17 laptop brands. Instead of carrying around multiple, bulky chargers, take this “lipstick-sized” gadget with you on your next trip.

Zolt charger

Cellulon Epic™ Portable Laser Projection Keyboard


If you’ve been to a Meeting Pool TECHbar, chances are you played around with this laser sensation.  The Epic™ portable laser projection keyboard is the latest in qwerty technology from Cellulon, patented for a one-of-a-kind typing experience, like that of a science fiction film. This product is ideal for travelers, since it takes up such a small amount of space. You will find that it is compatible with iOS 4.0 and later, Android 4.0 and later, Windows XP and later, and Blackberry 10. The convenience and entertainment can’t be beat.

laser keyboard


Wifi and USB Cufflinks

Wearables are hot, and they’re getting fashionable.  Would you like to have a set of cufflinks that double as a wifi hotspot you can advantageously plug right into your laptop and use for USB storage? Check them out for a sense of 007 style, at least 2GB of digital storage, and wifi on the go.

cuff links 2Cuff links


Trackdot Luggage Tracker


You may not be in the marker for the smart luggage mentioned above, but that may leave room for interest in Trakdot’s technology that will help you track your luggage while traveling. Simply pack it into your suitcase, check your baggage in at the airport, board your plane, check the mobile app to see where you bag is upon landing, then ask the airline representative to have your bags delivered directly to your hotel room. Never wait for a late bag again.




Pixie gives your physical items a digital identity. The innovative signaling technology enables the product to communicate with the app and with other Pixies. This system goes beyond the Internet of Things (IoT) to the Location of Things, so that users can know where their items are at all times. Put them on your keys, your clothing, and other items that you’re likely to misplace while traveling. You will be able to find everything, and save time to keep to an itinerary anywhere in the world.



From your bags, to your personal items, to your laptop, this new travel technology will keep you in a state of peace while using up little space and offering new levels of convenience. Next time you take a trip, make sure you’ve got everything you need with these products designed to give you more time for work and pleasure.

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