Bring the Latest in Food and Beverage Tech to Your Event with These Automated Offerings

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Written by Catherine Reed

Automation isn’t just relegated to standard business operations. Some of the latest tech can also make managing food and drink service at your next event easier, allowing attendees to enjoy their preferred snack or beverage without hiring substantial amounts of extra staff to make it happen. Now, you can get high-quality results using methods that aren’t just accurate but also entertaining to those at the conference. If you want to see what the latest automated food and beverage technologies have to offer, here are some worth exploring.


If you are looking for an adult beverage dispensing option that resembles a full bar but includes a robotic flare, the MarkShakr is an ideal choice. This bar can hold up to 173 bottles, including up to 61 different spirits), that are mounted to the ceiling. Robotic arms mix and serve drinks to guests upon request (and can even be asked to perform a dance for a little added fun). LED walls show information about current orders in the queue, anticipated weight time, and even usage statistics.

Users interact with MakrShakr through a compatible mobile app or by using integrated QR code readers. The level of available spirits and mixers are constantly monitored, ensuring the available drink list on the app remains up-to-date and notifying you if refills of certain ingredients are required. Precise dispensing valves are used for a consistent drink every time, and the water tight lid allows drinks to be thoroughly shaken for an optimal taste experience.


Touted as an “intelligent cocktail vending machine,” Monsieur is capable of crafting professional quality beverages in seconds all while requiring much less space than a traditional bar. The system operates using Theme Packages centered on eight primary ingredients, with each package offering up to 30 distinct drink options to your guests. Users simply interact with Monsieur using the touchscreen, and it automatically dispenses a well-made cocktail every time.

You get absolute control over the system while it is in use, including a web-based application for remote monitoring and configurations. Users can interact with Monsieur through RFID bands tailored to your event or through an available mobile app.


Automated Food and Beverage Tech for Events | BeeHexlogoFor an experience combining 3D printing and food service, BeeHex creates delectable delights using fresh ingredients on-demand. The original design focuses on pizza, using precision dispensing to lay out the dough, add the sauce, and requested toppings. Then, the pizza is cooked, ensuring a fresh pie every time.

The BeeHex is expanding beyond pizza, adding various dessert options for patrons to enjoy. It’s as much of a food service robot as a source of entertainment, sure to dazzle attendees at any event.

Hershey’s CocoJet

If you want to focus on the sweeter side of snacks, Hershey’s CocoJet can print delectable chocolate treats using a wide range of 3D designs. Users can select options from a library of 3D graphics by using a connected tablet. Then, the machinery creates the chocolate rendering.

This chocolate printer has the ability to print custom designs too, allowing people to create chocolates geared towards a specific conference or event. For faster turnaround, 2D printing is also available, enabling users to personalize chocolate bars with their favorite picture or design.


Automated Food and Beverage for Events | 3d Systems LogoConsidered the first professional grade 3D food printer, ChefJet by 3D Systems Culinary Lab can create a variety of confections. Anything from candies and mints to custom sugar cubes for coffees at your next event can be produced by the machine, giving you the chance to have a truly sweet experience for yourself and your attendees.

More Advances on the Way

Other advances in robotics and automation have other products potentially in the works as well. Anything from robotic baristas, like the Robobarista from Cornell University, to Sally the Salad Robot by Chowbotics increase the number of food and beverage service options that could be available down the road.

More advanced robots have also been seen in demonstrations. The Moley Robotics Robot Chef has the ability to create up to 2,000 different meals, using a 3D camera to capture the actions of skilled chefs and analyzing the data to follow suit. The Suzumo Sushi Chef can execute perfect sushi rolls every time, and the PancakeBot can create intricate designs using one of the country’s favorite breakfast foods.

Thanks to technologies such as these, you can create a memorable event while keeping personnel costs low. Not only will your attendees be well fed and hydrated, but entertained too.

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