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The Latest and Greatest in Travel Tech

Written by Catherine Reed

When you work in the events industry, travel is the name of the game. Whether you are jet-setting across the country or simply to the next major town, having the right travel tech available can make your excursions a pleasure instead of a strain. To help ensure you have access to the latest and greatest new technologies, here are some sure to make your next journey an enjoyable one.

Oaxis Air Scale

If you travel by air, you understand that baggage fees can add up quickly. And, if your checked bag is overweight, you can be hit by a large surprised once you reach the gate. But there is a way to eliminate any unnecessary surprises, especially if you like to fill your luggage with souvenirs before heading home. Say hello to the Oaxis Air Scale.

The Oaxis Air Scale is a handheld digital luggage scale capable of handling up to 88 pounds (much heavier than most weight limits for traditional checked baggage). This means you can find out exactly what your luggage weighs before you head out the door. Plus, it is also a super-fast cell phone charger, featuring both a USB and micro USB port. So, not only can it keep your bag weight under control, it can keep you connected too.

PhoneSoap 2.0

Another product that pulls double duty is the PhoneSoap 2.0, a combination UV phone sanitizer and phone charger. Many people are surprised by the fact that most smartphones harbor up to 18 times more bacteria than a public restroom, and a basic alcohol wipe can’t handle that level of cleaning. Simply choose a model that will fit your phone, turn it on, and the bacteria levels will begin to decrease in just five minutes. And, since getting sick while traveling isn’t as rare as we would like it to be, anything that can help you fight back against bacteria is a boon.

Chipolo Plus

If the idea of losing your purse, luggage, or keys while on the road has you nervous, then the Chipolo Plus may be the ideal solution. These small disks can be placed in your bags, wallet, keys or a range of other small items, allowing their location to be tracked through the companion app on your phone. This new model doesn’t require battery changes and is water-resistant.

As a bonus, you can use a Chipolo to find your phone too. Simply double press any of the disks, and it will signal your phone to ring, even if it is set to silent. Now that’s definitely a bonus most people can get behind.

DxO One

Sometimes, carrying a DSLR while you travel to an event isn’t reasonable, but your smartphone camera might not have the resolution for which you are hoping. If that’s the case, the DxO One is a professional quality camera that is just a bit larger than a traditional matchbox. It features a 20.2-megapixel camera that can be used as a standalone device for quick point and shoot photos or connected to a compatible smartphone for additional controls. You can even add a waterproof shell if your time away also includes some recreation.


When you are rushing through the airport and desperately hungry, you may find yourself selecting a less than ideal meal choice simply because it was in your path. However, thanks to the Grab app, you can actually make informed decisions thanks to its mobile friendly airport restaurant menus and terminal mapping features. That means you can find your ideal meal, head straight there, and get what you want instead of what was just in front of you. Plus, airports like Dallas/Fort Worth have added mobile ordering to the service, letting you order, pay, and get on your way without waiting for your food to be prepared.


Most hotels have standard check in and check out times that aren’t always convenient for event planners and participants. AsYouStay is an app that allows you to choose times that work better for you, ensuring you aren’t stuck waiting around for your room and don’t have to cart your luggage with you if you want to head out immediately after the conference is done. While only certain cities have properties listed, including 50 in New York City and dozens in the South Beach area of Miami, more are being added regularly.


For those who have trouble reading street signs when following GPS-based directions, Walc may be the mapping app for you. Though it is currently in beta, so some of the features aren’t yet live, the app uses visual cues and landmarks to help steer you through unfamiliar cities. Then, instead of slowing down and squinting to reach the always to small street sign, you know where to turn based on something that is easier to see.

With mobile technology being a mainstay, and travelers always looking for ways to improve their experiences, new technologies are always emerging. So, if you are an event industry professional, consider the options above to make your next trip easier to manage no matter where you land.


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