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Event Registration Systems and Privacy

Written by The Meeting Pool


Did you ever wonder what is in the privacy policies of the major event registration websites? So did we so we thought we would find the links and then share them with the world because although most of the sites here made it easy to find, some didn’t.

I would think that this list also goes a long way toward a complete list of companies that you can start to research for your next event!

Look no further, here are the links to each:

I have not added any summary or highlights from any of these links because it is important for you to READ the whole thing.

Someone once said to me “it doesn’t matter, attendees don’t care about online privacy.” and I said “no, attendees don’t know about online privacy.” It is our job as event professionals to read what we are agreeing to on behalf of our clients because if it ever hits the fan, we know who they are coming for.