Evernote Reminders Finally Kills the Event Binder

Written by The Meeting Pool


We have been using Evernote as our event binder for a long time. It is a place where we can have a “notebook” that matches our old hard binders perfectly, making the transition from paper to digital painless for even our most stubborn old school planners. Beyond the whole going paperless thing, you can also now share what is in your virtual “binder” with anyone, anytime, across multiple platforms.

Oh, and speaking of platforms. When using Evernote for our event binders, all of the content is avaiable to all of our team members, across all of their devices. That means if I forget to charge my iPad, I can just grab my phone and hit the show floor…. try and do that if you leave your binder sitting on the coffee table at home.

The one thing that Evernote lacked was a “to do” or reminder feature. Yes, it had checklists, etc, but you still had to use something else to remind you of a call or a meeting. That has all come to an end. Evernote now has a feature called reminders and this is the one thing that many planners needed (as an excuse) to go paperless. There are also plenty of IFTTT recipes that will allow you to connect Google Calendar to Evernote and vice versa.

The time is now to go paperless and kill your event binder. There are plenty of products that will allow you to do it and do it well. Yes, you will have to work at it but nothing that is worth anything is easy.

Check out the video, and install Evernote on all of your devices… now go to Amazon and grab an eBook like Mastering Evernote in 2 Hours and get started.