GenieConnect Introduces and Event Marketing Automation System

Written by Tara Thomas

Event and Conference Marketing

(Press Release – July 2013) MarketingConnect is the event industry’s first personalization and marketing automation solution – set to revolutionize the way event organizers communicate and relate to attendees!

It’s an integrated marketing automation solution, that’s designed to utilize event and attendee behavior information from other GenieConnect tools, to generate relevant and personalized content, which is channeled through attendee communications channels like email, in app and push messages. This allows event organizers to send highly targeted and relevant information to attendees to maximize engagement throughout the entire event life cycle.

MarketingConnect can achieve better results than any other marketing automation system for events. It allows organizers to automatically generate tailored marketing communications, targeting attendees with information on news, education sessions, speakers and exhibitors that we know will be of interest to them.

Through carefully gathering information about event attendees’ interests and individual business objectives as they interact with the Mobile Events App and Attendee Web Portal, we can tailor communications to ensure that each of them only receive notifications and updates which are entirely relevant to them. This helps event organizers promote their products more effectively as it increases click through rates and minimizes email fatigue.

And even better, this is all controlled automatically, so there’s less time, effort and admin involved for the event organizer – resulting in more time for organizing a fab event!

Find out more about this exciting new product by visiting the GenieConnect website.

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Tara Thomas

CMO & Co-Founder at The Meeting Pool
Tara is CMO and Co-Founder of The Meeting Pool, and a round-the-clock marketeer who works with tech companies on marketing activities including branding, events, social media, public relations, communications, strategy, and operations. Her background in the marketing of technology applications and online services spans a broad set of technologies including software-as-a-service, B2B, enterprise, financial services, publishing, real estate, and automotive markets. She has over 15 years of expertise managing strategic event marketing programs for companies including The Television Bureau of Advertising, Oracle, IPIX and The Cobalt Group, a leader in the automotive marketing space. Most recently at Certain, Inc., Thomas oversaw a myriad of strategic marketing initiatives that were essential to Certain’s growth.