The Inside Scoop: Favorite Travel Apps from Some Noted #eventprofs

Written by The Meeting Pool

We asked a few event professionals to share their favorite travel apps. See if any of their favorite apps can help you too!

Melissa Ooi, Executive Vice President, ASP
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Melissa Ooi

What do you do? Produce amazing brands and websites for the events industry because without a strong brand and online presence, an event would struggle to exist.

Favorite app(s)? TripIt (not the Pro version)

Why? I travel internationally at least once a month – TripIt, with just one email send, allows me to put all my flight and hotel information and anything else in one place! I never travel with paper anymore and I can always see if colleagues and friends will be in the same area at the same time as me. I really couldn’t travel without it!

Eric Olson, CEO, Zerista
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Eric Olson

What do you do? CEO, Zerista

Favorite app(s)? Join.Me

Why? It allows me and my team to easily join web conferences, share presentations and collaborate from ANY device, including mobile and web platforms. In addition, because the app doesn’t require users to download anything to use it on a web browser, it makes it easy to quickly create meetings on the fly for a variety of high- and low-tech audiences.


Corbin Ball, CMP, CSP
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Corbin Ball

What do you do? Meetings technology analyst.

Favorite app(s)?
Any airline app that allows mobile check-in
Wi-Fi Finder
Travel Tools (Frommer)
DocScan HD

Why? I travel 140 days a year. The apps that help my travel are the ones that I use the most.