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Have to Lead a New Type of Meeting? Consider a Meeting in a Box

Written by Catherine Reed

From time to time, you may feel challenged when you have to hold a particular meeting. Maybe you have to introduce certain concepts to your workers that you haven’t covered formally before or are faced with a client presentation on short notice. Regardless of the reason, pulling together all of the materials and information can be a tall order, especially if you are a meeting professional who’s already pressed for time.

Luckily, there is a solution that can make hosting a presentation a relative breeze: the meeting in a box.

What is a Meeting in a Box?

A meeting in a box (also called a meeting in a bag, meeting toolkit, or workshop in a box/bag) is a combination product and service that includes everything you need to hold a meeting. Companies gather the necessary information, produce the required materials, or provide access to the right equipment as part of a package.

For example, the provider can create all of the items you need, like presentation materials and handouts, for your specific topic. Alternatively, they may have predesigned meetings in a box that include all of the items you need to pull off a meeting with ease.

Pre-Packaged Options

One of the most common meeting in a box options is premade packages that include everything you need to hold a workshop on common topics. Some of the most common variants include options for meetings on workplace safety, sexual harassment, and other areas most employers need to cover.

Generally, a company offers a set package, including the presentation materials and handouts, and all you have to do is open up the box, review any speaking parts, and you’re ready to begin. These options can be especially beneficial for meeting professionals who have other employees and aren’t necessarily subject-matter experts on everything they need to cover with their workforce.

Custom Options

Certain providers also offer custom meeting in a box services. For these, you provide basic information regarding what needs to be covered and the company creates all of the required materials. This can include meetings on just about any topic, ranging from the above-mentioned safety meeting (allowing you to ensure the content is specific to your industry) to client presentations.

Typically, you’ll need to provide the data, particularly for client presentations, but the service will ensure that the final results are well-composed and visually stunning. If you’re pressed for time, these providers can be a life saver, allowing you to move forward on your presentation date without having to dedicate too many late nights to the task.

Tech Packages

Sometimes, you have the materials ready, but you don’t have the tech you need to get the job done. In these cases, a tech-related meeting in a box is a great option.

Instead of providing you with handouts and slides, these services focus on the technology you need to get your meeting off the ground. For example, an audio kit may include mics, mixers, speakers, cables, and an audio interface, while audiovisual solutions will consist of those items as well as a projector and screen.

These options can be ideal if you have to pull a meeting together quickly in a space that doesn’t automatically offer the services, such as certain meeting rooms you can rent by the hour. The packages are generally cost-effective, and many can be requested on short-notice, making even last minute meetings appear professional and well planned.

Need More Support? Consider a Meeting Architect

At times, you need more than just a basic package to get your meeting off the ground, and there is a relatively new breed of professionals who can help you do just that.

Meeting architects are skilled professionals who will help you coordinate everything so you can achieve your objectives. This includes curating content, formatting presentations, and even guidance on how to motivate attendees.

Essentially, a meeting architect acts as your right hand when you need to pull together an inspiring presentation, freeing you up to focus on other business needs without having to make any quality sacrifices.

Ultimately, all of these services give you additional options for ensuring your meeting goes off without a hitch, and that you don’t have to experience too many headaches along the way. Some of the packages can be scaled up or down, depending on your needs, so there are options available whether you are going to have five attendees or 100.

So, don’t let your next short notice or unfamiliar presentation stress you to the brink. Instead, check out meeting in a box options based on your needs and see if one of these services can do the legwork for you.

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