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Hotels for Hope Values Good Business — And Giving Back

Written by The Meeting Pool


At AIBTM in Orlando, we had the opportunity to talk to Mary Meath from Hotels for Hope, a hotel brokerage firm that combines hotel booking and charitable giving, with $2 from every room night booked going to a chosen children’s charity.

1. How does social media influence your company?

We love to use social media to show recognition and appreciation for our clients. We also post pictures from our clients from events around the world.

2. What benefit does your product bring to the industry?

Our company takes $2 for every hotel room night that is booked, and donates it to children’s charities.  We believe every organization can be socially responsible, and we provide the platform to deliver on that promise, at no additional cost to our customers.

3. What’s the most in demand need meeting and event professionals are looking for?

Education. We are always looking for the newest technology, and the latest and greatest information out there.

4. What are you looking forward to the most at AIBTM?

Learning new ideas and trends, like how to increase attendance for meetings and events.

5. What’s the most interesting thing you’ve seen so far at AIBTM?

All of the different people and countries at the conference. It’s nice to get out of your own box and see how large the industry really is.

Thanks for the info, Hotels for Hope.  We at The Meeting Pool think this is a great concept and a terrific way to mix hospitality with giving back.  Visit