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How to Keep Your Event Team Organized

Written by Jodie M

As human beings, we’ve continued to learn how to properly divide tasks into more manageable bits and pieces and have learned to identify who to delegate these tasks to to bring out the best possible outcome. Because of outsourcing, companies are faced with the reality of dealing with a varied group of people and teams both inland and internationally.

Collaboration software had been instrumental in jumping over this hurdle. As a matter of fact 77% of companies are adopting collaboration software in different capacities. These software solutions are known to be a goldmine of features that solves these problems.


Monday.com is a tool that simplifies the way teams work together – Manage workload, track projects, move work forward, communicate with people. Monday.com is a team management solution to connect people to workplace processes, for companies of all sizes, across any industry. But don’t just make a tool that works, make a tool that people love to use. Today, monday.com is the go-to workplace tool for over 40,000 teams around the world who are now more engaged, more collaborative, and more on top of their work than ever before. Monday.com is a project management tool your team will actually enjoy using. It makes it fun and easy for everyone to collaborate, focus on what’s important, and get more done at work. It’s the first visual tool of its kind and shows you exactly where things stand at a single glance. Finally get rid of painfully long email threads, cut down on meetings, and experience the satisfaction of turning things green when they’re done.

Visit Monday at https://www.monday.com/


Clickup ticks all of the boxes for project management. ClickUp is a cloud-based collaboration and project management tool suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries. Features include communication and collaboration tools, task assignments and statuses, alerts and a task toolbar. With ClickUp you get three different project views – Board, List, and Box. You can also toggle between views just with a single click, so you can visualize your project plan in your format of choice.

Users can assign comments and tasks to specific team members or groups of team members. Comments and tasks can be marked as resolved or in progress, or users can create custom statuses. Projects can be viewed from an Agile dashboard or organized by assignee. The activity stream displays tasks as they’re created and completed in real time.

Visit Clickup at https://www.clickup.com/


Kintone is a social collaboration cloud service that provides a portal for communication, data and business process management. Although Kintone provides a wide selection of features through its default applications, additional customization can take the Kintone apps a step further. This is where this developer site comes in, providing Kintone users and developers the tools to enhance their apps with custom programming. Another important feature of Kintone is Spaces, a powerful communication tool.Users can communicate on the platform through Spaces and Threads, which are forums that live inside Kintone.
Users can build multiple Spaces, and nest multiple Apps within those Spaces allowing users to keep related information in one place. Users can build a Space for their Sales members, and build apps for Sales CRM, Customer Database, and ToDo’s so that all Sales members can share their information in one Space.

Visit Trello at https://kintone.com/


Store and manage all your business contacts in one place. All relationships, not just customers. Manage contacts, leads, customers, vendors and more.Capsule from Zestia is a cloud-based CRM application that enables small and midsize organizations to keep track of the people and organizations they do business with, along with their interactions and opportunities in the sales pipeline. Capsule also provides a ticket management module to help employees resolve customer support inquiries. Tasks and notifications assigned to contacts, deals and cases help users understand what needs to be done when.

Capsule offers many customization options to help tailor the system to meet the needs of different businesses, including custom fields, tags and branding options. It also allows users to define sales processes with configurable milestones for each stage of the pipeline. Each milestone is linked with a success criterion that is used to generate revenue forecasts.

Learn more about the potential of Capsule at the link below.

Visit Capsule at https://www.capsule.com/


Close.io gives you an overview of all your sales activities. Emails, calls, voicemails, tasks and reminders are automatically organized so that you always know what’s going on and what you should do next. Stay on top of your pipeline when your inbox shows you the items that need attention. Once you complete a task or return a missed call, they will disappear from the list. Everything you do in Close.io is synced to Inbox, making sure you’re on top of your pipeline.

To learn more about all the applications of Close.io, see their website below.

Visit Close.io at https://close.io/

These applications are just a few options to make project management go smoothly and make tasks simpler so you can do more at once with ease. If you want a single project management tool with tons of innovative features and run your team with ease, try one of these tools.

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