Know Your Airport with iFly Pro

Written by The Meeting Pool

Meeting Traveler

Meeting and Event people travel. We travel a lot.

Just this year I have been almost all of the way around the world and compiled an impressive array of stamps in my passport and I am loving every minute of my employment adventure. The Meeting Pool will allow me to travel even farther to places I have never been and that to me is fantastic.

Travelling does require the one thing that most people hate.. the Airport. When you stumble into a new airport it is hard to get your bearings, grab a bite to eat, charge a phone, or kill some time without wandering here and there looking for what you need. BUT… there is an app for that.

iFly Pro

iFly Pro is an app that takes all of the guesswork out of an unfamiliar airport by putting all of the information you need in the palm of your hand.

The app is expensive at $6.99 but remember… you get what you pay for an sometimes you want an app that costs money because it means that someone is on the other end updating features and keeping the damn information current. It is nice to know that Travel & Leisure magazine voted it the “most comprehensive airport guide”.

Here is what the app offers to the wise traveler:

  • Information on 700 commercial airports
  • In Terminal Navigation and maps with GPS location
  • Flight status and tracking utility
  • Trips itinerary management utility
  • A look at amenities that are close to your gate
  • Airport WiFi info
  • Distance to connecting gates
  • Ground transport options if you have reached your destination (or have a long layover)
  • Detailed info on restaurants, shops, bars, bathrooms, services, atms, etc
  • Airline details (numbers, route maps, baggage fees, etc)
  • Parking rates and parking garage locations
  • Weather maps with forecast
  • Terminal, gate, and baggage claim info
  • Flight delays and cancelations
  • Airline carry-on/checked baggage allowance rules, airport security ID requirements, etc

Give it a go, we are loving it and you are gonna spend $7 on Starbucks anyway. To link directly to the app, hit their homepage and you can go right to the app stores for Android or iOS.

Airport Image: Ken Collins