Improve Your Events with Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation for Event Planners
Written by Catherine Reed

Coordinating large scale events is a challenge. Between managing the flow of speakers, maintaining schedules, and connecting participants, it can seem as though there is never an end to the necessary adjustments. Luckily, a number of event software solutions offer an intuitive interface that uses the latest in automated processing. Some of these tools work so well you would swear they had a mind of their own.

Registration and Follow Up

Every great event requires a registration process and subsequent confirmation. For large events, the idea of managing these tasks by hand is almost unfathomable. Even smaller event planners can find these tasks tedious. Instead of searching through your email, managing reservations by hand, and providing follow-up responses one at a time, you can make the process easier. Instead, choose automated services designed to simplify the process and deliver the follow-up confirmation automatically.

Online registration software, such as RegOnline by Lanyon, has an automated workflow designed to manage the small tasks that every event requires. You can ease the strain of registrations and provide confirmations based on selected options. You can also follow up with “Welcome” packets as the event draws near.

Event promotion can be included, ranging from traditional email alerts to social media announcement. You can access reporting and analytics to monitor progress and anticipate needs before attendees arrive. Add housing management to make finding a place to stay even easier for all of those planning to attend.

Advanced Scheduling Options

Attendees, exhibitors, and presenters all have different requirements when it comes to scheduling. To complicate matters more, events need to be organized between all of these individuals to create a cohesive event.

To help ensure your event runs seamlessly, consider software solutions designed to let all of these needs work together, such as those created by Conference Solutions. Automated processes supported by sophisticated algorithms create appointments between attendees, exhibitors, and stakeholders without requiring hands-on management of each individual calendar.

These offerings are designed to work with any registration software or mobile app but offers increased efficiency by allowing unique preferences of those in attendance to lead the decision-making process. Instead of people wandering aimlessly through large event halls hoping to stumble upon the right options, everyone can have an ideal experience.

As the event proceeds, advanced analytics allow you to gain insight regarding the success of events in progress. This provides feedback in real-time to help you adjust your approach even when the event is well underway.

Web-based Platforms

An ideal form factor for these solutions is often based online. Web-based access allows you to reach the information you require from any device regardless of where you are. Whether you need to maintain floor plans, create schedules, or share notes, you can find a solution designed to meet your needs.

Options like Planning Pod help you do more than just coordinate the event by giving you the ability to take credit card payments for registrations and tickets and adjust seating arrangements on the fly. You can also create and send email invoices and accept payments directly through the software solution. On-demand reporting also allows you to track event progress with the most current data available.

Embrace Automation

By integrating automated processes into your event planning, you can concentrate more of your efforts on the things that truly matter. Don’t let yourself get bogged down in the minutia by taking advantage of all of the tools available to you.

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