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Written by Catherine Reed

Technology has changed the face of corporate events and trade shows. Software solutions are available that can bring the majority of the event experience to those who could not be physically present. Advanced web conferencing and broadcasting solutions allow organizations to bring the latest information to all interested parties no matter where they are located around the world.

And while these solutions have helped make the world feel smaller and more connected, it is critical to use high-quality tools to make virtual and hybrid events a success. Without the right tools, the virtual experience can be a source of frustration instead of a modern marvel.

To help you choose the right video conferencing tools for your next virtual or hybrid event, here is an overview of 6 noteworthy solutions available on the market today.

Lifesize Logo

Lifesize offers a comprehensive video, audio and web conferencing application delivers a solution designed to work well as a standalone solution or in conjunction with many other video conferencing solutions available on the market today. The interoperable solution is also highly user-friendly and is provided with 24/7 support to assist with any issues you may experience.

The solution has global reach and includes secure encryption for your communications. Up to 50 separate participant lines can be used during a single conference, and participant lines can be either individual callers, feeds from large conference rooms, or both. Lifesize provides access to toll-free numbers in over 50 countries for increased audio support options. Video calls can also be recorded for later use and shared using the Lifesize Amplify service.

Attendees and presented can connect through a supported browser as well as with compatible mobile devices. This means the solution isn’t just highly accessible, but highly portable as well. Screen sharing capabilities are included, and the video feed supports a full 1080p HD experience.

Cisco WebEx logo

A leader in the video conferencing arena, Cisco WebEx Event Center gives event planners the ability to host groups ranging from 100 to 3,000 participants. The system supports real-time communications as well as multiple presenters within a single presentation.

Presenters can use a variety of media to keep attendees intrigued including screen sharing and streaming video files. Additionally, presenters can interact directly with other participants through the use of instant polling, text-based chat, and threaded Q&As.

Video streams at 360p, providing a respectable high-resolution experience even when broadcasting at maximum participant capacity.

Cisco WebEx Event Center requires no physical software installation. Instead, presenters and participants have access to cloud-based tools and access, making the solution highly scalable. Additionally, the system supports a variety of automated tools, include meeting invitations and reminders, and attendee confirmations.

ClickMeeting Logo

ClickMeeting offers many of the same tools as Cisco WebEx Event Center, with different service tiers based on the anticipated number of attendees. Customized meeting invitations, screen sharing, live polls and surveys, and internal chat options are all provided within the solution.

Post presentation statistics are also available, as well as webinar recording options for individual sessions. Toll-free phone number audio access is available for participants along with the traditional internet-based audio feeds. Multiple presenter options are available, as well as parallel session configurations.

Customized enterprise solutions can support up to 5,000 participants within a single presentation, making it a suitable choice for large scale virtual and hybrid events. And, within the past 12 months, event participants have been based in 161 countries around the world, making it a strong solution for presentations with international audiences.

Join.Me Logo

Another contender in the video conferencing market is Join.Me, a solution that is designed to integrate with some of the most popular business productivity solutions including Office 365, Outlook, Google Calendar, and Salesforce. Additionally, unlimited international audio calling capabilities are included in the monthly service fees, making it an excellent solution for large scale businesses and event operations.

Screen sharing and whiteboard capabilities are included, as well as access via mobile devices. Webinar services ensure that all participants can connect to the presentation without any costs. Additionally, invitations to attendees can be sent directly from the solution.

Adobe Connect Logo

Adobe Connect provides solutions for managing everything from online meetings to virtual classrooms to large-scale webinars. Connectivity can be supplied through standard computers and laptops as well as a range of mobile devices, ensure participants can be included regardless of their location.

Multimedia and screen sharing capacity is included in the service, as well as automated communications capabilities like invitations, reminders, and confirmations. Trigger and ad-hoc emails can also be generated based on your specific needs.

The service also includes a variety of built-in analytics as well as engagement monitoring tools. This can help presenters and business determine the success of an event even if direct feedback has yet to be provided. Webinar-style solutions can support up to 1,500 participants during a single presentation.

Additionally, Adobe Connect was given the top score in the Gartner Critical Capabilities for Web Conferencing report in December 2016.

Vidyo Logo

Although Vidyo doesn’t specifically market itself as an event solution, the capabilities developed for use in educational institutions are highly transferrable to the event arena. Real-time video and audio conferencing with a high-level of accessibility between different device types makes it a contender within the space.

One area that sets Vidyo apart is the ability to leverage 4k and 5k video for conference participants, including in large conference room solutions with up to four additional remote participants. Multi-speaker functions are also supported. Additionally, the solution is available in a cloud format helping to limit the amount of internal resources required during deployment.

Bring the World Closer

As video conferencing and event technology continues to improve, the ability to reach a higher number of participants from all around the globe increases. New solutions and current offering updates are almost constantly in the works. The solutions of today are undoubtedly robust and make it easier to communicate how you want, when you want, and where you want. Take your next event to a new level by choosing video conferencing solutions that expand your reach to the farthest corners of the globe. You may be surprised how easy it is to do.

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