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It’s a Network, It’s a Community, It’s JuJaMa – Private Social for Your Event

Written by Leah Layzell


Networking is an important part of any event, and JUJAMA is an event mobile app provider that aims to help you network. We were able to talk to Nadia Dailey, President and CEO of JUJAMA, about the company and what they had to offer. The idea for JUJAMA began when Nadia’s husband had to meet with manufacturers to sell products but wanted a more efficient way to connect with the potential customers. She contacted the event and offered to set up a system for pre-arranged meetings – they implemented it and it was a big hit! Its use expanded to other meetings and eventually JUJAMA was established. Fun fact: the name actually comes from the first two letters of Nadia’s three children’s names.

As for what JUJAMA has to offer to event professionals now: a full social network platform for the event. With JUJAMA, attendees can post documents and videos, and use hashtags like on Facebook or Twitter, but all of this is done in a private network established just for the event. Each attendee can build their own filing system and learn about new people/companies by gathering the relevant documents, which can then be tracked from their profile. JUJAMA offers not only a mobile app but network access from your desktop computer to allow for easier organization during the pre-planning period and for organizing follow-up information after the event ends.

JujamaWe asked Nadia what their best customers love about JUJAMA. She answered that they love the available customization that allows them to build the app around the event. To give just one example, they can set business rules so that exhibitors can be a part of the social network but only attendees are allowed to send meeting requests to exhibitors. In the backend admin, organizers also have great control, such as being able to embed the uploaded agenda directly onto their website so they only have to update it in one location, with the updates shared across the website, JuJaMa network and app, and is even exportable to the print shop for the paper copies. Another example of great admin control is the ability to send out push notifications in the app – saving time and money on last-minute changes.

With what JUJAMA has to offer, we had to ask Nadia what industry trends and shifts she thinks will be important in the events industry. Her response included the following:

  • Tablets & apps: replacement of paper with tablets that are preloaded with the event app
  • Beacon technology: adding to sponsorship values
  • More attendee interaction: to increase transparency

Check JUJAMA out in our Meeting Pool decision engine here!

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Leah Layzell

Project & Directory Manager at The Meeting Pool
Leah is a designer and digital specialist based in Essex, United Kingdom, She specializes in assisting small to medium-sized enterprises with their technical support, design, projects and digital implementation so that they can run their business with ease.