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New #EventTech at the AIBTM Innovation Zone

Written by The Meeting Pool

The Meeting Pool team is at the AIBTM Innovation Zone with awesome #eventtech companies. Check out what some of them are showing off at AIBTM and why they’re so excited to be at AIBTM!

booth11. What new features are you going to be showing off at AIBTM? 

DataKeys monitor 25 unique attendee interactions over the course of an event’s full life cycle. This digital trail is rich in detailed data including sessions attended, exhibitors visited, check-in’s at sponsor events, social shares, and 1-to-1 interactions. The purchase of DataKeys is conducted in the mobile event app. The DataKeys can then be leveraged immediately in a booth or stand on the event floor for onsite meeting/session note taking, lead qualification and real-time prospect commentary. Leads can also be directly exported into CRM, SFA and marketing automation applications for immediate use in sales activity and campaigns.

2. Give 2 reasons why you are super excited about AIBTM:

I’m excited because we’ve never attended AIBTM and it appears to be THE place to be among bright and engaged industry professionals. I can’t wait to share ideas, take time to sharpen the saw and get charged up for the rest of the year!

1. What new features are you going to be showing off at AIBTM?

Certain will be facilitating  to over 3,000 face-to-face business meetings at this year’s AIBTM conference.  Certain (booth 1673), will also highlight its new user interface, which improves event professionals’ productivity by providing an intuitive, responsive and streamlined experience throughout the event lifecycle.

Certain new-ui-calendar-v2

Certain’s powerful appointment scheduling technologies matched appointments and self-scheduled appointments – make it easier for attendees to connect with vendors and gather essential information, and for suppliers to meet with buyers to better understand their preferences and needs.  Preferred by 91 percent of attendees surveyed by Certain, pre-scheduled meetings enable both parties to prepare and connect in a focused and productive manner.

Certain will unveil at AIBTM its new user interface which features modern design principles and event management best practices, so novice and power users alike can more efficiently manage their events. Features such as a new homepage and improved navigation enable users to quickly access the areas of the platform most relevant to them at each stage of the event lifecycle with fewer clicks.

Certain UI_Dashboard

In addition, Certain’s Betsy Zikakis, vice president of marketing and GiGi Gleason, strategic program director, will be speaking in a Knowledge Program session at AIBTM on Tuesday, June 10th, at 1:30pm. The session, “Extend the Life of Your Meeting – Transforming Attendees into Year-Round Participants,” will provide strategies on how to use technology to maximize attendee engagement and utilize behavioral data to interact with attendees year-round.

2. Give 2 reasons why you are super excited about AIBTM:

  • For the third year, we are excited to be a trusted partner and a valued player in empowering suppliers and buyers to connect at AIBTM.  This year’s AIBTM will bring together more than 500 exhibitors and exhibiting partners.
  • We’re excited to provide the latest in event management technology available and now deliver a more intuitive user interface.AIBTM is clearly setting the standard for providing value to all and face-to-face business meetings provide a level of personalize event experience for all.

core-apps ces_iphoneapp_ibeacon1. What new features are you going to be showing off at AIBTM?

Core-apps will be displaying two new features; beacon technology used for tracking, messaging, gamification and analytics. as well as our Event Management Software product GoExpo. GoExpo allows Organizers to manage event registration, capture session information, attendee profiles, and configure event and users schedules.

2. Give 2 reasons why you are super excited about AIBTM

This is our first year at AIBTM and we are excited to meet event planners to show off our event technology ecosystem that allows planners/organizers the ability to manage their entire event’s technology using one vendor, Core-apps. We are also excited about participating in the AIBTM and Meeting Pool’s Innovation Zone to help educate planners on various ways to secure their content and protect themselves.

core-apps GoExpodash-no header

1. What new features are you going to be showing off at AIBTM? 
At AIBTM we will be featuring our integrations with other best-in-class software. We believe it is important to have software be a part of an ecosystem, because data needs to flow seamlessly from one solution to the next. We work closely with our partners (Double Dutch, QuickMobile, Salesforce, Silverpop, and more) to make sure that we provide a relevant and easy to manage all-in-one system. We plan to let clients know of our top-notch integration partners and show that we are a complete event management system that is able to work with other best-in-class solutions to meet every need a client may have.


2. Give 2 reasons why you are super excited about AIBTM:
We are very excited to be sponsoring the Spotlight Stage in the Innovation Zone at AIBTM. We can’t wait to be front and center to hear from innovative event professionals on the latest in tech, social media, and events!

We also are excited to participate in the “Meet America – the Selfie Challenge” with attendees. We started our #selfiesgopink campaign to donate $3 to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation for every selfie taken at our booth during the show. We are ready to meet with new event professionals and give them a chance to give back!

1. What new features are you going to be showing off at AIBTM?

We’ll be showing a sneak preview of the latest version of our innovative mobile guest check-in app; it hasn’t even been released to the Apple app store yet (screenshot below). We’ll also be sharing the most recent updates to our enterprise invitation & RSVP platform and some crazy ways NFC technology can be used at events to engage guests and collect data. VIDEO HERE!eventfarm photo

2. Give 2 reasons why you are super excited about AIBTM:

As AITBM rookies, we’re most excited about 1) being a part of the Innovation Zone and nerding out on event tech and 2) listening to the latest buzz in the industry and meeting new partners.

1. What new features are you going to be showing off at AIBTM? 

Gather Digital provides the best customer-branded mobile app solution to engage attendees, encourage networking, and display personalized content — all in an elegant, flexible, easy to use package that will delight both the end user and the conference planner.

Features that Gather Digital would like to highlight:

Live Polling: Real-time feedback. No extra gear required.

Engage your audience and gather data using our live polling module.  It’s simple to use and there’s no extra hardware needed.  Best of all, you will get responses in real time and you will be able to display the results for all to see both on the big screen and in the app.

  • Presenter controls the process—creating and displaying rating, multiple choice, yes/no and open comment questions.
  • Audience members vote and pose questions to the presenter.
  • Web-based Moderator console allows the presenter to view responses as they come in, choose when to lock questions, and display results to a projected screen and in app.

Gather digital Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 4.39.38 PM

Attendee PowerUP: Useful networking 

  • Identifying the end-user through upfront password protection or simple authentication allows for push notifications for all messaging.
  • Attendees can edit their own profiles, upload photos, and personalize their bio.
  • Attendees to attendee messages and ability to sort and filter the attendee list to find peers with like interests and background to further networking.
  • Conference planner has a capacity planning tool to see when attendees add sessions to their MySchedule.
  • Additional add-ons include: display of personal itineraries, 1:1 meetings and gamification.

gather digital photo 10

2. Give 2 reasons why you are super excited about AIBTM:

We are excited to show our app capabilities and meet industry professionals who are interested in learning about the many ways in which a mobile app can transition a good event into a GREAT event! 

slido-google-glass-for-moderators-720x4501. What new features are you going to be showing off at AIBTM? 

After months of development and testing, we’re thrilled to publicly launch our Google Glass app for moderators at AIBTM in Orlando. The sli.do app for Google Glass is a cutting-edge extension of sli.do’s audience interaction platform that transforms live events by democratizing Q&A sessions and engaging audiences with real-time polls.

The Google Glass app is a unique solution that brings top questions from the audience seamlessly to the moderators. By empowering the audience to vote up the most relevant questions, sli.do helps moderators easily integrate audience preferences into the discussion and thus keep it relevant for the attendees.

2. Give 2 reasons why you are super excited about AIBTM:

We always try to push the boundaries in the events industry with the innovative solutions that have a transformative impact on events. AIBTM is a leading exhibition showcasing the latest trends in the events industry and cutting-edge event technology. Therefore we cannot imagine a better place where to officially launch our Google Glass app and present it to the meeting professionals.









1. What new features are you going to be showing off at AIBTM? 

– Table and Buffet Designer

Social Tables Table and Buffet Designer

– Name Badges

Social Tables Name Badge Exporter

– Analytics

Social Tables Analytics

2. Give 2 reasons why you are super excited about AIBTM:

1. Dan is speaking on his topic du jour, “Meeting Planning Automation.”

2. Trevor and Dan get to be in the Innovation Zone and learn from their fellow industry thought leaders while showing off the newest product from Social Tables!