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Newbie podcasters might have a tech savior

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Managing a podcast could get a lot simpler thanks to Focusrite and its soon-to-be-released Vocaster series.

The Vocaster One and Vocaster Two (opens in new tab) are both audio interfaces with features that specifically help podcast hosts with their audio setup. By and large, the devices share the same software and have similar hardware with the Vocaster Two offering double the inputs.

Hardware differences

On the Vocaster One, you’ll find a mic input for an XLR cable, headphone output, and a port for a TRSS cable (more commonly known as the 3.5mm audio jack). The purpose of that TRRS port is to connect a phone to the Vocaster if your podcast has call-in guests.

The Vocaster Two sports two mic inputs, two headphone outputs, and Bluetooth support in addition to the TRRS port. Again, that Bluetooth support is for call-in guests. This model has a mute button for the host and guest on their podcast whereas the Vocaster One just has a button for the host.

Both models sport an Auto Gain button that lets the Vocaster listen to the podcast and adjust the audio level automatically. On the Vocaster One, there’s only a button for the host while the Two adds another one for the guest.

Apart from those hardware differences, everything else is the same. If you prefer to manually control the audio gain yourself, you twist the surface knobs to adjust the audio level. The Vocaster devices have a maximum gain range of 70 dB, according to Focusrite.

Both units come with an Enhance button that adjusts your voice according to four unique presets. We reached out to Focusrite and asked what these presets are, but didn’t receive a response. The last hardware feature is a camera output so you record your podcast audio right into the camera, but you’ll need a separate TRRS cable for this.

And in case you’re curious, the Vocasters get their electricity via phantom power coming in through the mic line.

Studio bundle

Both units are currently available for pre-order on Focusrite’s website and will launch in late July for people in the US. Focusrite is a UK company and the devices will launch there in late June.

The Vocaster One will retail for $199 and the Vocaster Two has a $299 price tag. There are also Studio versions that add a microphone and a pair of headphones. Vocaster One Studio throws in the company’s DM1 dynamic mic with a stand and a pair of HP60v headphones. Vocaster Two Studio has the same headphones, but with a DM14v mic instead.

If you’re interested in starting a podcast, TechRadar has a list of the best USB mics that you can buy.

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