Perfect Power Strip for the Power Planner

Written by The Meeting Pool


Most gadgets are not worth the plastic, silicon, and copper they are made of…. That is 100% true in my opinion.

Then we have the stuff that meeting and event planners (and the rest of the world) can use in their daily lives. Those items that we cannot live without and that go with us everywhere. Those little things that we are lost without.

As a meeting planner, I typically carry everything that I need to be my own self sufficient mobile office. I have lugged crap to the four corners of the globe because I if there is one thing I know for certain it is that the hotel/airport/conference center/stadium will be lacking in one essential thing that I need to make my event run like a well oiled machine and if they are not lacking item A, they will want to charge me $50.00 to use an item that cost $4.99 brand new at Target. This is especially true of power cords and power strips.

The power strip is one of those things that I take with me everywhere (there is one in my bag right now as I sit in Starbucks). Power strips come in handy but they are a one trick pony and I have not seen any major improvement to this age old tech in a long, long time… until now.

Check out this bad boy…. A power strip with USB slots as well, all designed to fit in your bag (in my case, a backpack).

Now. What makes “The Travel Swivel Socket w/Surge 360°” different? Well, it has swiveling sockets (handy), surge protection (essential), and the all important USB sockets (Kindle, iPhone, iPad anyone) that all of our electronics crave. Now…. on there own, these items are not unique but combined together… they make a must have hunk of plastic.

Check it out at the Herrington Catalog. The one pictured runs about $25 and they have all different sizes for the power hungry among us.

Image: Herrington Catalog