Top Ten Tweetable Takeaways from ‘Brand As Verb’ Presentation

Written by The Meeting Pool

I get very excited when I’m in the audience with like-minded event professionals and hear an inspiring speaker that keeps my undivided attention, and wanting to tweet every single thing he said! And those that know me, know that it’s super hard to keep my attention. I was lucky to be among great keynote speakers last week at the Canadian Special Events, including Ben Grossman, brand evangelist and strategy director at Jack Morton Worldwide, and just had share this with The Meeting Pool readers! So here are my top 10 Tweetable takeaways from Ben’s presentation, and the full deck on Slideshare.

Top 10 tweets (and feel free to click & tweet away!):

  1. 80% of leaders say their brands offer a superior customer experience. Only 8% of customers agree. con140656
  2. The #1 way people learn about and buy from brands is the hardest one to control: word-of-mouth. con140656
  3. 74% of people advocate for brands by describing their experiences with them. con140656
  4. Consumers have come to care less about what brands are saying and more about what they’re doing. con140656
  5. We see brands today as more a function of how they act – how they engage with and around consumers – as verbs. con140656
  6. In a world of brands as verbs, what you do in real life is critical to having a real impact. con140656
  7. Brands that last are the ones that give more than they take from consumers’ lives. con140656
  8. Brands that implicitly invite participation – without demanding it – are the ones that rule. con140656
  9. Great experiences start with a solid set of consumer insights about how a brand fits around its users. con140656
  10. Marketers can give consumers something that they actually want to talk about and share. con140656


Check out the full presentation here:

About Ben Grossman

Ben_Grossman_BW_sq-300x300Ben Grossman is a marketing and advertising strategist with a specialty in digital, social media and emerging technology. His ability to formulate insight-driven, distinctive points of view has been recognized globally and featured in leading publications and presentations to Fortune 100 audiences.

Ben’s unique background blends his passion for business and marketing strategy with his immersion in technology, consumer behavior and design. As a sought after brand strategist and client consultant, he has worked to set strategy and develop initiatives for brands including Subway Restaurants, P&G, Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation, Bombardier and Brother International.