You’re Where? Top Tech for Finding People at Live Events

Written by Tara Thomas

Do you spend valuable time on the show floor telling people what booth you’re next to? Is your team having trouble finding you at the keynote session? Did you lose your kids for 20 minutes at the festival? Are you tired of searching for people in a crowded metro area or trying to give someone directions when you’re traveling in an unknown city? We are, too! That’s why we decided to find a solution. Luckily, we didn’t have to look too far since Google Play and iTunes are filled with apps that do all the work for you. From GPS locators to blinking lights, the apps below offer a couple of creative ways to help you find and get found with less stress.


Find1Don’t have a good connection to the Internet? That’s ok – this app doesn’t require Internet. Just send your GPS location via text message (SMS) and once the text is received, the app will launch with a compass guiding the recipient to your location.


GPS, find me!

Find2GPS, find me! offers a bunch of unique features: like a GPS, satellite views, and even a distance indicator that points toward the person you are trying to find (even as they’re moving!).




Find3myLite Flashlight turns your phone into a flashlight and a strobe light! The vibrant colored screens attract attention and the app even lets you adjust the strobe light speed and LED brightness.



I Am Here

Find4Like myLite, I am Here blinks to help your friends find you in a crowd. You don’t have to login and no network access is required.


Find Me By Colors

Find5Just send out an email that tells your friends what color(s) to look for and hold up your iPhone so they can find you. The colors flash so friends can instantly identify where you are.



Find6Meet the newest way to help people find you in a crowd. This app’s colorful blinking screen may seem simplistic…because it is. You open the app, choose the color you want to use, and the screen will start blinking the color. Simple, but genius. And it’s the only friend finder that doesn’t require GPS, data connection, or wireless signals. It’s safe to say we love it!



Find7You can send Glympse to ALL of your friends (even Windows phone and Blackberry pals!) to let them know you’re on your way, or request a friend’s Glympse so you know how soon they’ll arrive. Just set a duration, a destination, and select the recipients. Then hit send. It’s that easy!


Find Me

Find8This app has Aerial and Street View modes. Simply send your GPS or Network location and you can easily find or be found.



And… Find Me

Find9The app creates a private text that includes a link with your exact location. When the receiver clicks on the link, Google Maps opens with directions to your location. Don’t worry; even if you don’t have a connection to the Internet, it still works.


Yet another Find Me

Find10Yup, there’s yet another app with the same name! This one lets you easily send your current location or toggle to send the location as the final destination. – Find People allows anyone with a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi device to be found. You can communicate directly from within the app, or instantly view your friend/colleague’s location



Find My Friends

Find12Find My Friends uses your GPS location to provide real-time location. You can view the Find My Friends map from within the app to find your friend’s location.



So what do you think? Will you give tech a try the next time you need to find someone in a crowd? Will you make your meetups, sessions breakouts and your tour groups easier to find? Let us know!



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Tara Thomas

CMO & Co-Founder at The Meeting Pool
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